WWE NXT Report: June 15, 2010

Posted: June 16, 2010 in NXT, Show Report
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After an interesting season premiere, how would NXT keep the momentum going this week? Well, by having a solid match between possibly the two best wrestlers on the show, more video packages, and a Rookie throwing down a challenge to a Pro, I would say that NXT did an adequate job of keeping the ball rolling. Here are my thoughts on the second episode of the second season of NXT.

WWE Pros/NXT Rookies promo

At the end of last week’s show, the Pros became a united front in order to squash any chances of another NXT reprisal. Matt Striker wanted answers and thought that there was no better way to do that then to have everyone involved come down to the ring. Once everyone was in, M.V.P. spoke on behalf of the other Pros and told the Rookies that last week was an “initiation.” M.V.P. also tells he Rookie that the term “WWE Superstar” is an honor and must not be taken lightly. If one good thing came out of this entire NXT revolt, it is that it has finally given the WWE Superstars a chance to really show how much they appreciate the opportunity that they have been given. The Pros extend their hands to their respective Rookies and all is forgiven. To be honest, I wish that the Rookies would have been hesitant to forgive and forget, which would lead to underlying tension that could keep viewers wondering when the Rookies would finally explode. Such is life.

Alex Riley v. Kaval

Alex Riley and Kaval are probably the best wrestlers on NXT’s second season (with Michael McGillicutty a close third, but more on him later). With LayCool on commentary putting over Kaval, we witnessed a fast-paced, 10-minute match that definitely highlighted the immense talent both of these individuals possess. Kaval’s kicks were stiff, Riley’s slams were crisp, and both men had plenty of opportunities to show their stuff. I especially liked Kaval’s dragon sleeper in the ropes and his Liger Kick. Riley gets the victory when Kaval misses Warrior’s Way from the top rope and Riley counters with what can be described as a fireman’s carry to a spinout RKO for the victory. Kaval dominated the match, which makes him look good overall, and Riley find a way to win after being dominated, which backs up the “Expect Everything” feel that the WWE wants. Figuratively, everybody wins.

Striker enters the ring to get comments from Riley, who explains Miz’s absence (he was partying in L.A., which surprises me because everyone would be at the Lakers game) and that he can win all by himself. We also get comments from LayCool, John Morrison, and Zack Ryder, who likes the ring announcer. I like how the Pros sit on the stage and evalutate at all times, but Striker’s commentary isn’t always necessary. I think that if there can be a fine balance put into place, this could always be an effective tool.

Last week, I mentioned that Riley was going to be this season’s David Otunga because of his superiority complex. Yet, Riley is also this season’s Wade Barrett. He has the WWE look (big, strong, etc.), so he will be a perennial front-runner all season long. The video package about Kaval also allows fans to make a connection to Bryan Danielson, which like Riley’s Barrett, will be Kaval’s calling card this season.

Eli Cottonwood video package

Next, we got a video package featuring Morrison’s Rookie, Eli Cottonwood. Cottonwood wrestled last week and did not really impress me. He is incredibly rigid in the ring and needs to sell better both offensively and defensively. I think I will call him either “Khali Cottonwood” or the “Great Cottonwood.” Let me know.

Zack Ryder/Titus O’Neil backstage video

We then go to a GTV-like locker room video of Ryder and O’Neil patching up after their hostility last week. This candid moments between Pros and Rookies should be more prominent. Last season tried (Christian/Slater working out. Haha. Christian Slater. And Tarver carrying Carlito’s bags. Haha. Carlito). Here’s an idea. Between the second-to-last episode and the finale, have a special documentary episode with footage of the Rookies and Pros traveling, working out, and bonding. Just a thought.

Mark Henry & Lucky Cannon v. Michael McGillicutty & WWE Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston

We learned several things during this match. We learned why McGillicutty goes as such (his mother’s maiden name), that McGillicutty is leaps and bounds better than Cannon, and “King Cutty” is the best wrestling duo on NXT. Cannon is solid, but that’s the best I can say. He could be great if he stands out.

After the match, Cody Rhodes give his thoughts on the match and runs down Cannon for showing sportsmanship after the match. Henry throws down a challenge for Rhodes to face Cannon. Rhodes accepts. Here comes the best part. Striker asks Rhodes what he can expect from him next week. Rhodes then proceeds to punch Striker out or so it seems. HE COMPLETELY MISSES! He swings behind him! Oh boy. At least we have a main event for next week.


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