WWE Monday Night Raw Report: June 14, 2010

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Last night’s Raw might have been one of the most anticipated episodes in quite some time (at least it was for me). After the shocking actions of last week, all questions were seemingly answered last night, even regarding Bryan Danielson. Mixed in was a title change, a quirky, yet effective guest host, and some signs of unity within the WWE locker room. Also, we added two new matches (FINALLY) to the Fatal 4 Way pay-per-view. Let’s look at the Fatal 4 Way “go-home” edition of Monday Night Raw.

NXT Rookies/Bret Hart promo

The show opens with Season One winner Wade Barrett standing alone in the ring. After introducing himself, he calls out the other six Rookies, who make their way from the crowd and into the ring. I liked how Jerry Lawler and Michael Cole tried to move to higher ground due to fear of reprisal; it helped sell the psychological effects of last week’s ambush. Once everyone is settled in the ring, Barrett explains that Bret Hart is forcing them to apologize, which none of them do. Then Barrett says what a lot of us were already thinking. According to Barrett, the NXT Season One Rookies were treated like “animals” and were at the mercy of WWE Management, who made them compete in lame challenges and changed the rules at a moment’s notice. To be honest, Barrett made some sense.

Hart interrupts and runs down (no pun intended, but keep reading) the NXT Rookies for their actions last week. All of a sudden, Barrett mentions that last week, the NXT Rookies had one more member, Daniel Bryan, who like Hart, felt remorse for his actions and was kicked out in the process. I feel like that was a copout by the WWE; if anything, the Rookies should have used him as a “political prisoner” (also no pun intended) and that they were fighting for his honor as well as theirs. Barrett continues, saying that the Rookies don’t have any problems with John Cena; he was just a scapegoat. The problem lies with WWE Management and Barrett wants everyone in the ring to receive guaranteed contracts. Otunga wants first-class travel accommodations and private locker rooms.

Hart declines the offer and tells Barrett that he is no longer the “new superstar next breakout star for WWF,” strips him of his earned title shot and fires him. The firing would make sense in the real world; why would you reward someone for doing something wrong? The segment was a great way to kick off the show. I noticed a few things. First, I am glad that Barrett and Otunga were the only Rookies who had a chance to speak more freely on the mic considering the others are just awful. Second, gauging the reaction of the WWE Universe, I think the NXT Rookies (and the WWE) are going to miss Danielson. A LOT.

WWE United States Champion R-Truth v. The Miz v. Zack Ryder v. John Morrison – Fatal 4 Way Match for the WWE United States Championship

To put over Sunday’s show, Raw’s first match was a Fatal 4 Way for the U.S. Title. Truth got an even bigger reaction than normal considering he was in his hometown of Charlotte. This match had spots aplenty and several near falls, which will definitely sell the pay-per-view concept. The ending of the match went a little something like this: Ryder hits the Rough Ryder on Truth, put Morrison breaks up the pin. Morrison sets Truth for Starship Pain and does a good job of hesitating, considering he and Truth are friends. He hits the move anyways, but Miz throws Morrison out of the ring and picks up the scraps. He’s the Miz and he’s the new United States Champion.

Though I was surprised that Truth lost the belt so quickly (and in his hometown), the Miz regaining the title does more good than bad. Truth is already over with the crowd and doesn’t need a title to do so, while the Miz shines when he is on top. It also sets up a Miz/Truth feud that could draw interest (We find out later the rematch will take place on Sunday).

Josh Mathews asks Randy Orton about his thoughts on the NXT Invasion. While Orton can understand where the Rookies come from, he believes that they should have gotten fired or their brains beaten in. Orton has always been consumed with himself, so I’m surprised he even answered this question. It must be the face turn.

Mark Feuerstein/Big Show/Ted DiBiase/Virgil promo

Mark Feuerstein, the star of USA’s “Royal Pains,” is the guest host and he is in the back with the guest host’s call girls, the Bella Twins. Ted DiBiase enters and tells Feuerstein to let him guest host in exchange for a car. I am afraid that DiBiase has become the “seriously unfunny Santino Marella. Allow me to explain. He only interacts with the guest hosts and instead of being funny, he tries to bully them and buy them off. What a fall from grace this has been. Feuerstein holds his own during the promo and actually comes off very funny. The Big Show’s presence gives him the confidence to call DiBiase a “daddy’s boy,” which sets up a tag match between Show and Feuerstein and DiBiase and Virgil for later.

Evan Bourne v. Chris Jericho

Two weeks ago, Evan Bourne pins Sheamus. Last week, he makes a cameo in a John Cena promo. This week, he had the chance to make another impression by defeating Chris Jericho. He did do that, but by DQ. The most important part of the match was Bourne kicking out of the Codebreaker. After Jericho gets himself disqualified, he attempts to beat down Bourne, but Bourne gets the upper hand and hits the Shooting Star Press. While this wasn’t as poignant as pinning Jericho clean, Bourne still gets the rub. Jericho is in a bit of a funk. Could we see an M.V.P. losing streak-like angle for Jericho in the future? Stay tuned.

John Cena/NXT Rookies/WWE Locker Room promo

Here comes Cena to comment on last week’s assault. I liked his comments about the WWE ring being a sacred ground and the Rookies having the targets on their backs now, but did he really say that five million members of the WWE Universe hate them now, too? Really? Cena goes on to tell the Rookies that he will not press any charges if they come down and answer him and will wait every week for them to do so. We don’t have to wait long because the Rookies come through the crowd once again. This time, the WWE locker room has Cena’s back and all hell breaks loose. At first, we have the unused Superstars (Santino, William Regal, etc.), but eventually, all three challengers for the WWE Title on Sunday come to Cena’s aid. The unintentional comedy of the night comes when the Pros chase the Rookies out of the arena. Mark Henry eventually gets lapped by everyone (even the cameraman beats him) and Santino is the only one who chases them all the way to the gate. Also, wouldn’t you double take if you saw seven men in their underwear running through downtown Charlotte at 10PM? I liked how the WWE locker room came together; it shows how important the business is to everyone, even those who don’t necessarily like each other.

After the commerical, Mathews finds Sheamus in the back and asks why he would help Cena. Sheamus gives the best answer possible; he didn’t want anything or anyone to come between him and the WWE Championship. I am glad that he explained himself because it did cross my mind while watching. A nice touch.

WWE Diva’s Champion Eve Torres & Gail Kim v. Maryse & Alicia Fox

Long story short, the faces win. These four Divas will be involved in a title match this Sunday. I am not looking forward to it. While Eve and Maryse can hold their own, Fox and Kim struggle sometimes. It happened in this match and will happen again Sunday.

The Big Show & Mark Feuerstein v. Ted DiBiase & Virgil

I don’t want to waste too much time on this. Essentially, the Big Show beats the crap out of both DiBiase and Virgil, Feuerstein does the Worm to Virgil and that’s it. There was definitely a “Too Cool” vibe going on with Show giving DiBiase the Stinkface as well. DiBiase does his father’s “bill in the mouth” trick to Virgil afterwards, but then decides to take it back. Gross. DiBiase is sinking.

We are going to skip Santino v. Regal with Vlad Kozlov as guest referee because, quite frankly, no one cares.

WWE Champion John Cena & Randy Orton v. Edge & Sheamus

Originally Orton v. Sheamus, the WWE gave us a tag match instead. There isn’t much to say about the match itself other than A) these four have great chemistry together and B) I am glad that Orton seemed hesitant to partner with Cena considering their past. Love me some continuity,

Near the end of the match, the lights go out and the Rookies are backstage mugging Hart. Essentially, they kick his ass, throw him in a limo, have the limo hit some cars, and then drag him back out to demand answers by Sunday. Though the whole segment screamed WCW Nitro (thanks to PWInsider for that one), it did make an effective sell for the show Sunday.

Speaking of Fatal 4 Way, look for my predictions Sunday morning/afternoon.

I have a quick announcement. My next live report will be coming September 6, 2010, when I attended Monday Night Raw at the Verizon Center in Washington, D.C. Until then, please continue to check out #1 Pretender. I appreciate all of the readers who come to my site and I hope to spread the word. In the mean time, come back tomorrow for my NXT show report.


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