WWE Friday Night Smackdown Report: June 11, 2010

Posted: June 12, 2010 in Show Report, Smackdown
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After Monday’s shocking Raw, it would be hard for Smackdown to eclipse it. Yet, the Blue Brand came close with an entertaining show of its own. The show was almost entirely focused on the WHC match at Fatal 4 Way. Let’s look, shall we?

Rey Mysterio/Jack Swagger/C.M. Punk/Big Show/Kane promo

Before his match with Jack Swagger to open Smackdown, Rey Mysterio cuts his typical promo while putting over Fatal 4 Way. Swagger interrupts and cuts HIS typical promo. Swagger has gotten much better on the microphone, so kudos to him. Mysterio takes the low road and picks on Swagger’s lisp. I thought we were past this; this isn’t ECW, it’s the World Heavyweight Championship. It isn’t until Punk enters that the segment gets good. Effectively selling the damage of the NXT Invasion on Monday, Punk compares himself to Malcolm X and John F. Kennedy as trailblazers who were ultimately assassinated. After being attacked by “36 armed assailants,” Punk claims that he survived because he is not a normal man. My thoughts on Punk are pretty evident; he is just plain awesome. I like how he took a creative and refreshing approach to his savior gimmick with this promo. Mysterio and Punk then tease each other like children over each other’s respective masks and baldness, which was actually pretty entertaining. Big Show finally intervenes and aims at Punk, which makes sense since they have a match later and is a good teaser for later.

The lights turn red and Kane appears on the Titantron to play detective. Long story short, he will hurt whoever is responsible for hurting the Undertaker. Then he breathes heavily for a long time. It got a little awkward near the end. Kane’s promo last week was fantastic, but since then, the gimmick has gotten a little cheesy and over-the-top. WWE Creative should tone Kane down just a bit.

WWE World Heavyweight Champion Jack Swagger v. Rey Mysterio

I will say what I liked before I say what I didn’t so that my feelings don’t get mixed it. The story of this match was that this was the first encounter between Swagger and Mysterio. Matt Striker made a good point that it would take Swagger some time to learn Mysterio’s style in order to effectively counter it. Nothing else that Striker said, however, for the rest of the show was useful, but more on that later. There were some good spots and bumps that are typical of a Mysterio match (“typical” must be the word of the night). It was a solid 15-minute contest that definitely helped sell the championship match at Fatal 4 Way.

Now onto the bad. I can never remember a champion that has lost cleanly so many times in non-title matches like Swagger. While it did take three 619s, one springboard splash, and one springboard let drop to beat Swagger (which makes him look strong in defeat), he once again lost to yet another challenger (which makes him look weak). Back to Striker. I understand that the WWE wants to put Swagger over as the decorated athlete that he is, but stop telling blatant lies. He was NOT a 2002 Heisman Trophy candidate and he was NOT the first high schooler nominated for an ESPY. Swagger does a great job putting over his talents in the ring. Stop milking it. I’m looking at you, Striker.

Kane comes down to investigate while Swagger beats down Mysterio after the match. Not once did Swagger look at Kane as he was coming. Really? Not even for a second? Kane chokeslams both men.

WWE C0-Women’s Champion Layla El (with WWE Co-Women’s Champion Michelle McCool and Kaval) v. Tiffany (with Kelly Kelly)

LayCool has been treating Kaval like an errand boy since his introduction on NXT, but it does make for an interesting dynamic. Kaval is a hard-nosed competitor, but looks like he is willing to do whatever it takes to be successful. I wonder where it will go from here. LayCool then cut a local heat promo by telling the audience how ugly they are, which was funny since Michelle’s parents were in the audience. I bet that the WWE didn’t want there to be any kind of “home-field advantage.” Anyways, the match itself wasn’t that long. Layla wins with the LayOut after Tiffany became distracted by Michelle. Tiffany is the Evan Bourne of the Divas division; she jobs to the stars. This match simply set up a probable title match for Kelly Kelly in the future.

P.S. How are there STILL no undercard matches for Fatal 4 Way with the show only a week away?

Dolph Ziggler (with Vickie Guerrero) v. Christian

Yet another great contest between this two. Pairing Ziggler with Guerrero, which I didn’t like at first, might be exactly what he needs to finally get that push. The heat that Guerrero generates is incomparable. The match was short, but each man got his own respective signature spots. What I really liked was the finish. Christian always utilizes the sunset flip during the latter parts of matches, but it usually doesn’t end them. Having Christian win that way makes the move more credible. Vance Archer and Curt Hawkins interfere afterwards to make an “impact” yet again. I think their contracts are up, so here’s what they did: beat up some jobbers, jumped M.V.P., and jumped Christian. Yawn. Ziggler puts the sleeper on Christian to end the segment. This is a great mid-card feud and I hope it gets the time it deserves on a pay-per-view.

Kane cuts a more toned down promo in the back. Kane has definitely taken the ball and run with it. Good for him. He deserves something important.

Theodore Long/Drew McIntyre /Kofi Kingston promo

Drew McIntyre demands that Theodore Long explain why he let Matt Hardy pull his hair out and eat it on Monday. Per Mr. McMahon, Hardy is now suspended from all WWE programming. Long tries to explain himself, but McIntyre rips the mic out of his hand. I wish that Mr. McMahon would actually appear from time to time. I think it would be funny if McMahon revealed that these letters didn’t actually come from him and McIntyre is just drunk with power. Anyways, McIntyre says he has a punishment for Long, but before he can say it, Kofi Kingston interrupts. Kingston cuts the “popcorn vendor” promo a la early 2000s Jericho, except serious. Essentially, Kingston gets the upper hand and we have the continuation of a feud I hoped would be over. Then we find out that Long will go one-on-one with McIntyre next week. Now I definitely wish it was over.

The Big Show v. C.M. Punk (with Luke Gallows and Serena)

This was a short, but effective match. There aren’t too many things to speak about, though Punk’s face when he went to the top rope only to be met by the Big Show was priceless. Show wins by DQ when he attempts to rip off Punk’s mask and the SES (including the Masked Man) come to his aid. The beatdown begins and Citizen (Arrest) Kane shows up again. At least the SES acknowledged his presence unlike Swagger. Kane cleans house and the show goes off the air. A fun edition of Smackdown that definitely sells the title match to the audience. If only they would add other matches…


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