WWE NXT Report: June 8, 2010

Posted: June 9, 2010 in NXT, Show Report
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The second season of NXT is officially underway and it is already off to a much better start than last season. Yes, it is still way too early to make such a prediction, but (Obama impression) let me be clear. We know how long the season will be, when eliminations start, and already have an idea of how the Pro/Rookie pairings will pan out. This week, we got to know most of the Rookies, as four were in action and two were given video packages. There was also some fallout from Monday’s Raw and the actions of the Season One NXT Rookies. Let’s take a look at the season premiere of NXT.


Matt Striker is in the ring and he introduces the WWE Pros, who in turn introduce their respective Rookies. Right away, we got to see the initial interactions between Rookies and Pros, which was a nice touch. Some were excited (The Miz, Kofi Kingston, Zack Ryder), some were indifferent (John Morrison, Mark Henry, M.V.P.), and some were just not pleased (Cody Rhodes, LayCool). Once everyone was in the ring, Matt Striker explained the new rules for this season; it will only last 12 weeks, the first Pro’s Poll will be released in three weeks, and the first elimination will be in six weeks. I am very happy that the WWE spelled out the rules this time because it educates the Rookies and the WWE Universe as well. Speaking of the WWE Universe, the fans have 50% of the vote towards the Pro’s Pool. I just hope there are no WWE Management cuts or lame competitions this season. Only time will tell.

John Morrison & Eli Cottonwood v. Zack Ryder & Titus O’Neil

The Pro/Rookie tag team match is a double-edged sword. It allows the Rookies to have some sort of measuring stick, but it also exposes them for how green they can be in the ring. The latter definitely overshadowed the former in this match. Eli Cottonwood has been compared to the Great Khali and the reasons are evident. He is very stiff in the ring both on offense and defense. I was hoping he would be more agile a la Kane or the Undertaker, but I can see that it will take Cottonwood a tremendous amount of work to improve in the ring. O’Neil is probably the weakest Rookie in the ring. He seemed very lost and also didn’t sell well. Morrison won with Starship Pain onto O’Neil.

After the match, Striker entered the ring to ask for Pro feedback. I like how the Pros sit on the stage and observe the matches. The WWE didn’t introduce this until later in Season One, so I am glad they decided to utilize it from the start. Morrison asked the WWE Universe for their opinion on Cottonwood, then Striker asked the Miz what he thought of the match. The Miz’s words were spot on: “You didn’t entertain. You failed.” These two Rookies have a LOT of work to do or this competition will be easy to predict.

Alex Riley video package

We are introduced to Alex Riley, who will portray the same gimmick as he did in FCW, that of the spoiled frat boy variety. Riley is a perfect mixture of the Miz and Ted DiBiase. He has the in-ring look and the mic skills to accentuate them. Riley isn’t the FCW Champion for nothing. I look forward to seeing him in the ring. He will be the David Otunga of Season Two based on his narcissistic attitude and charisma.

M.V.P. & Percy Watson v. Cody Rhodes & Husky Harris

Unlike Cottonwood and O’Neil, Watson and Harris did much better. Harris is very impressive for a man of his size. At close to 300 pounds, he can fly around the ring. His gutwrench suplex and corner splash were well done. The senton splash looked a little off, but was still impressive. Watson took most of the beating in the match, but did an alright job selling the offense of Rhodes and Harris. From what it looks like, Rhodes/Harris might be a lesser version of Miz/Danielson. Watson gets the victory with a floatover DDT on Harris. Striker enters the ring again for comment. I hope he doesn’t do this for every match because it will lose its value. Too much of a good thing is never good. Rhodes’ comments about Harris looking like one of his family members were pretty funny and he seems convinced that he will mold Harris into his image. I am intrigued by this and look forward to seeing what happens. M.V.P. still seems to be a little freaked out by Watson, but maybe he will get used to it. Watson is a tag team specialist, having teamed with Season One Rookie Darren Young in FCW. I want to see how he fares in singles matches before I make a more educated opinion.

Michael McGillicutty video package

Jo…Michael Hen…McGillicutty is our next NXT Rookie to be looked at. Long story short, he’s ruthless. I love his in-ring work and can’t wait for the uneducated Universe to get a look at him. Based on his interaction with Kingston at the start of the show, I can’t figure out if he will be a face or heel. Stay tuned.

The “Initiation”

A video is shown recapping Monday’s NXT invasion. Striker asks the Rookies for their opinions. Striker is more douchey than normal, pulling the microphone away from almost everyone. Kaval’s stern and punctuated speaking voice really stands out. Harris says he does not care, Watson says what happened was wrong, Riley sneezes, O’Neil says…something and McGillicutty criticizes the previous two. After all is said and done, the Pros beat up on the Rookies as a “statement.” Striker’s attitude could be slightly explained; the fix was in for the Rookies and he was in on all of it. I really liked it. I was not as crazy about it as I was about Monday, but that was to be expected. The Rookies are on notice. How will they respond? Find out NXT week on NXT.


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