WWE Friday Night Smackdown Report: June 4, 2010

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Courtesy of wwe.com

What a Smackdown. The Blue Brand has an interesting situation on its hands. Let’s get right into tonight’s offering of Friday Night Smackdown.

Theodore Long opening promo/Kane promo

Theodore Long opens the show with an announcement regarding the Undertaker. According to Long, Kane found the Undertaker over the Memorial Day weekend in a “vegetative state” (Too much beer or hot dogs, perhaps?). I have a question. How can the DEAD Man be found half-dead? Anyways, this will explain the Undertaker’s prolonged absence due to injury (If you missed it last week, the Undertaker suffered a broken orbital bone, a broken nose, and a concussion during his match with Rey Mysterio).

After the title card, the iconic Gregorian chant begins and druids carry a coffin to the ring. The fire hits and Kane walks out. There was something eerily beautiful about said scene; the red lights combined with Kane walking through the smoke looked really good. I think he should adopt that as a regular entrance. I also liked the musical transition of Kane’s theme music flowing into just the string accompaniment  (I’m sorry. I study music in college and sometimes I can’t help myself). Back to the matter at hand, Kane tells the WWE Universe that the Undertaker may no longer walk among us and will rise from the dead no more. This was Kane’s best promo ever. Period. Never have I felt such raw emotion from the Big Red Machine in his career and I am really looking forward to what transpires.

Who do I think is responsible? The Straight Edge Society. Run with it for a second. C.M. Punk gets back at Kane for allowing Mysterio to shave his head at Over The Limit. Punk takes out the Undertaker. Mysterio takes the Undertaker’s place at Fatal 4 Way, which allows the Rey/Punk feud to continue for a few more weeks. Once the pay-per-view is over and Mysterio takes time off (probably), Punk now has a feud with Kane/Undertaker that will finally bring Over The Limit full circle. Stay tuned.

WWE World Heavyweight Champion Jack Swagger v. M.V.P.

Jack Swagger has been pinned cleanly in more non-title matches than any former champion I can think of in the last few years. Thankfully, that did not happen tonight against M.V.P.. At first, the match highlighted Swagger’s mat wrestling expertise against M.V.P.’s street fighting style. It eventually broke down into a combination of the two, which lent itself well to this 15-minute match. Say what you want about M.V.P., but there is something about him that makes me feel that he will be a world champion in the not-too-distant future. There were a lot of good spots and bumps in this match, especially M.V.P.’s chino kick to the outside and I loved the sequence with the Ballin’ Elbow. Swagger wins when he ducks M.V.P.’s drive-by kick in the corner and rolls him up for the victory.

After the match, Curt Hawkins and Vance Archer appear from the crowd and attack M.V.P. It sounds as if next week is the last week of their “impact” contracts and they finally did something worth writing about (See, I’m doing it right now). There are now two tag teams looking to make such an impact (the Usos on Raw). With a possible union between Chris Jericho and Wade Barrett on the horizon, the Hart Dynasty has found itself some challengers. In the mean time, look for some sort of tag match next week involving Archer, Hawkins, and M.V.P.

There will be a Battle Royal to fill the Undertaker’s spot at Fatal 4 Way. Good idea.

Kane’s Wild Goose Chase

Over the course of the night, Kane made it a mission to find out who was responsible for the attack on the Undertaker. His first suspect is C.M. Punk. Punk begs Kane to trust him and even offers the services of the SES to help a “fallen brother.” I guess it’s because Kane is bald.

Kofi Kingston v. Drew McIntyre – WWE Intercontinental Championship

I like Kofi Kingston, I really do. My only problem with him is that every offensive move he does involves jumping. Just a thought. Anyways, halfway through the match, Matt Hardy is seen walking down the stairs in the audience with a ticket in hand. The whole “I am allowed to be here even if I am banned/suspended/fired because I have a ticket” gag is always a classic. Hardy takes a seat. This match wasn’t anything out of the ordinary. McIntyre slaps Hardy on the outside. Hardy distracts McIntyre long enough for Kingston to hit the S.O.S. to retain. After the match, Hardy runs through security and gives McIntyre a Twist of Fate. I hope this closes the chapter of Kingston v. McIntyre. Next for Kingston? Either Dolph Ziggler or Cody Rhodes.

Kane’s Wild Goose Chase Part II

Kane is shown with Mysterio, who is praying for Kane’s loss. Kane doesn’t buy it and still accuses Mysterio. I like this “no one is innocent” angle.

Swagger is in the back with his OU jersey on again and decides to lead the Texas crowd in the OU Fight Song. Not only is he off key, but he’s off the beat (There’s the music education again). Kane appears behind him and Swagger slowly shuts up. Very funny stuff.

Rosa Mendes v. Kelly Kelly

Rosa is fine. I hear her pants aren’t hiring because she has an ass that won’t quit. Yeah…

Anyways, there isn’t much going on here other than Kelly Kelly getting the impressive victory with LayCool watching. It looks like Kelly might be next in line for a Women’s Title match. How would that work with Michelle and Layla?

Kane’s Chase Part III

His former tag team partner, the Big Show. Now no one is really nnocent.

Smackdown Roster Battle Royal – Winner receives the final spot vacated by the Undertaker in the WWE World Heavyweight Championship Fatal 4 Way at Fatal 4 Way

It was nice to see Finlay in the ring for the first time in a while, considering he had been removed from the active roster due to his old age. It is very hard to analyze a Battle Royal (try doing it live), but there were some interesting dynamics working in this match. First, I noticed that Luke Gallows was seemingly trying to help Kane. I always find it funny when these two are in the ring together because Gallows played the “Imposter Kane” during Kane’s feud  for the release of “See No Evil.” Later in the match, however, the Masked Man attacks Kane in an attempt to eliminate him, but to no avail. I also liked the spot where Finlay attempted to throw Mysterio out by running back and forth, but ultimately decided to slam him down instead. Kingston and McIntyre eliminating each other as well as Christian eliminating Dolph Ziggler helps push each respective feud forward. Mysterio wins by eliminating Kane and Mysterio is going to Fatal 4 Way.

It was understandable to have Mysterio and Kane as the last two remaining. Mysterio winning makes plenty of sense. It allows him and Punk to continue their feud in a refreshing way by adding two others into it while also allowing Kane to continue on his chase. A great edition of Smackdown.


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