WWE Superstars Report: June 3, 2010

Posted: June 3, 2010 in Show Report, Superstars
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Courtesy of wwe.com

Think of this week of WWE programming as a highway. Raw was a 0-60 MPH straight drag that got the week off to a fast start. Tuesday’s NXT finale added in some curves for suspense. Tonight’s WWE Superstars? A speed bump (Yes, I know most highways don’t have speed bumps, but just go with it). Superstars wasn’t a bad effort; it just slowed things down after a week of high momentum. Let’s look at it.

Mark Henry v. Primo

Primo has officially taken the “Mr. Thursday Night” title from his brother (Too soon?). Anyways, the only thing that made this match interesting was the reversal of the “David v. Goliath” angle. Usually, the face is the tiny one going up against the heel monster. Other than that, the outcome of this match was decided before it even began for two reasons: 1) Primo never wins and 2) Mark Henry needs some sort of momentum going into his Pro assignment on NXT Season Two, which starts Tuesday. At least Henry has been given something to do.

Gail Kim v. Jillian Hall

I saw this match live before the Raw Draft Special about a month ago and I didn’t see a difference between that match and tonight’s match. Gail Kim does some roll-ups, Jillian takes control, Gail Kim tries to fight back, gets stifled, and kicks out at 2 1/2 a few times, then hits her finisher out of nowhere. Much like the match above, Gail wins because Jillian never does. Remember, she won the Diva’s Championship and lost it in less than a minute. Gail is on the winning side quite a bit, so once Eve loses the title, maybe she could be the next face to challenge for it? Maybe she can turn heel? Stay tuned.

Tiffany v. WWE Co-Women’s Champion Michelle McCool (with WWE Co-Women’s Champion Layla El)

Taking a closer look at LayCool’s championship belts, Michelle’s is more “toy-like.” You can tell that Layla’s is the actual title. I stare too much. Anyways, Tiffany is impressive for someone with not much ring exposure. She is very athletic and can take some bumps. Michelle’s running knee using the announce table looked brutal. The match ends with Michelle utilizing a unique counter to put Tiffany in the Styles Clash for the victory. I am surprised that NXT has not been mentioned at all yet considering three Pros have been on the show already.

We then get another golden promo with Vickie Guerrero fawning all over Dolph Ziggler. Chavo’s facial expression afterwards was a nice touch. If this is how Ziggler will get his push, I guess I’ll go along with it. If Kofi Kingston is going to move on from Drew McIntyre, Ziggler would fit nicely as his next opponent (Sorry, Cody Rhodes).

There’s an Evan Bourne video package after the commercial. If you haven’t seen the main event from last week’s Raw, I implore you to check it out. I hope this is the beginning of a sustained push for Bourne.

Finally, a mention of NXT. SHAMELESS PLUG: Check out my Season Two preview below!

Christian v. Chavo Guerrero (& Dolph Ziggler)

The story of this match is the furthering of the storyline between Ziggler and Christian. I like how the WWE has started to use Superstars as a stage for setting up mid-card feuds that wouldn’t get adequate time on Raw or Smackdown. Long story short, Ziggler wins with the Zig Zag after a blind tag. Christian has been on the losing end over the last two weeks so I was surprised not to see him go over. Ziggler has looked great and as I said before, any way he can get a push is fine by me.


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