WWE NXT Report: June 1, 2010

Posted: June 2, 2010 in NXT, Show Report
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Can you believe the first season of NXT is already over? It did end several weeks before it originally intended to, but I am beating a dead horse. After all of the smoke, mirrors, pomp, circumstance, management cuts and announcer-related assaults, Wade Barrett was crowned the WWE’s Next Breakout Star as the winner of NXT.

Instead of doing my traditional recap, I thought I would take a look at the winner and predict what I see for him in the future. Also, there was a major announcement regarding the next season of NXT. The new roster has been unveiled and I will list it below. Expect a “season preview” of NXT Season Two later this week.

Wade Barrett

When I first learned of Wade Barrett, I saw that he was a stud right away. He fits the WWE mold. He’s big, he’s strong, he’s unique, and he’s impressive both in and out of the ring. Thinking back 15 weeks ago to the unveiling of the inaugural NXT roster, it seemed pretty clear that show was made for Bryan Danielson. Fast forward to a few weeks into the competition when Matt Striker announced that the winner of NXT would receive a championship match at a pay-per-view. It was then obvious that Danielson would win, challenge Miz, and win the U.S. Title (Hell, reports surfaced after the season was cut short that that was the original plan). I know I am talking a lot about Danielson, but I do have a point. Even though all of the focus was seemingly on Danielson, Barrett always stuck out to me.

I attended the NXT show on April 12 in London (the “Talk The Talk Challenge”). Seeing Barrett up close and personal solidified him as the most impressive Rookie on NXT. His size is deceptive on television and he can not only hold his own on the microphone with his unique accent, but also wrestle a fluid and fast-paced match. I see big things for Barrett in the future. As of right now, I cannot figure out what championship he will challenge for. Here’s my gut feeling: I can see Barrett continuing his alliance with Chris Jericho and challenging for the WWE Unified Tag Team Championship. Jericho is floating right now, so another tag team feud could be in the works. Jericho not only makes his opponents look good, but his partners as well. Giving Barrett a rub is just what he needs right now. The WWE has a bona fide worker on its hands.

Just like the WWE Raw Diva Searches of the past, I have a feeling that all eight NXT Rookies will be on the main roster sooner or later. I believe that Danielson and Otunga are the most likely to make a splash fairly soon, but look for the other five to make an impact in the future.

NXT Season Two

After being vague with what the future holds for NXT, Josh Mathews and Michael Cole announced that the second season of NXT starts next week. Throughout the night, Mathews and Cole revealed the Rookies and Pros for next season. Below, I have listed the new Rookies and their respective WWE Pros. Next season, the voting process will also work differently. The Pros will hold 50% of the vote and the WWE Universe will hold the other 50%.

Husky Harris – Cody Rhodes

Eli Cottonwood – John Morrison (Remember him?)

Percy Watson – M.V.P.

Titus O’Neil – Zack Ryder

Kaval – LayCool

Lucky Cannon – Mark Henry

Michael McGillicutty – Kofi Kingston

Alex Riley – The Miz

Check in later this week for a preview of Season Two.


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