Season Preview: NXT Season Two

Posted: June 2, 2010 in Analysis, NXT
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When reality shows end, they usually go on several month-long hiatuses. WWE NXT Season Two? It starts next week. The WWE is wasting little time bringing back the concept and the eight Rookies and their respective Pros have already been announced. These fresh faces will compete once again for the title of WWE’s Next Breakout Star. This is a season preview of sorts; I will introduce the Rookies, detail their backgrounds, show some video clips of them in the ring, describe how I think they will interact with their Pro, and finally, make a prediction of who will win NXT.

Season Two Changes

So far, the only change we know about Season Two deals with the voting process. According to Josh Mathews and Michael Cole, the WWE Universe will now have a say on who goes where in the Pro’s Poll. The Pros will hold 50% of the vote, while the fans can vote online at for the other 50%.

Meet The Rookies

Husky Harris

WWE Pro: Cody Rhodes

Husky Harris, better known as “Duke Rotundo” in FCW, is a third-generation wrestler. His grandfather is Blackjack Mulligan and his father is I.R.S., a former tag champion. In FCW, Harris competes as part of a tag team known as the “Rotundos” along with his brother, Bo. He is a one-time FCW Tag Team Champion.

Pro Interaction

I thought Cody Rhodes was an interesting pick. Since both have blood lines in the business, I am sure Rhodes will make it known that his family has been more successful, causing a riff between the two. I see their relationship playing out much like Darren Young and C.M. Punk; Rhodes will do his best to feign interest, but ultimately will throw Harris by the wayside unless Harris adapts to Rhodes’ in-ring acumen.

Eli Cottonwood

WWE Pro: John Morrison

Eli Cottonwood is listed at over 7 feet tall and is the first “monster” that NXT has had. He once had a basketball career, graduating from St. John’s University in New York, competing overseas, and even signing two developmental deals with the Milwaukee Bucks and Dallas Mavericks.

Pro Interaction

This is a definite mismatch in terms of in-ring style. Morrison is a high-flyer with tremendous speed and agility. With Cottonwood’s obvious size and strength advantage, I am not sure how Morrison will really be able to impart his wisdom on Cottonwood. I can see the two getting along.


WWE Pros: WWE Co-Women’s Champions Layla El and Michelle McCool

Kaval, better known as “Low Ki,” is this season’s Bryan Danielson. Kaval has had runs in Ring Of Honor (where he was the first ROH Champion), ZERO-ONE, and TNA (where he was a former X Division Champion). He is a 12 year veteran and should be the “internet darling” as Michael Cole would call him. Unlike Danielson, however, he is much more stern.

Speaking of Danielson, here’s a match between the two from FCW.

Pro Interaction

The comparisons to Danielson continue with Kaval’s Pro pairing. LayCool are the first Diva Pros. Their snootiness, much like the Miz’s, will definitely clash with Kaval’s no-nonsense attitude. This will be the most entertaining pairing to watch for sure.

Titus O’Neil

WWE Pro: Zack Ryder

A former college and professional football player, Titus O’Neil could be the most physically imposing Rookie on this season’s NXT.

Pro Interaction

Zack Ryder is a character to say the least. Depending on which way O’Neil goes (heel or face), this could be fun or painful.

Lucky Cannon

WWE Pro: Mark Henry

Lucky Cannon, or “Johnny Prime” in FCW, has been competing in WWE’s developmental territory for a while now. Not much is known about Cannon, so we are in for a surprise.

Pro Interaction

Mark Henry should be able to mold Cannon into his image. Cannon is a big guy and, with more agility than Henry, could be a superior version of the World’s Strongest Man.

Alex Riley

WWE Pro: The Miz

Alex Riley is the current FCW Heavyweight Champion. Arriving in WWE three years ago, he has been a regular in dark matches before Raw and Smackdown.

Pro Interaction

This is a match made in heaven. Riley is more or less a miniature Miz (not in size, but in attitude). These two will gel from the start and I can see these two making a huge impact on NXT.

Percy Watson

WWE Pro: M.V.P.

Hailing from South Beach, Percy Watson was a member of the “South Beach Boys” in FCW along with Season One Rookie Darren Young.

Pro Interaction

M.V.P. is from Miami, and even though he mentioned on the NXT finale that Miami and South Beach are two different entities, I think these two will get along just fine. M.V.P. was originally going to be the Pro for Skip Sheffield on Season One, but Watson is a much better fit for him. I think Watson might be the wild card in this competition.

Michael McGillicutty

WWE Pro: WWE Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston

Now this is a shame. Michael McGillicutty is actually Joe Henning, the son of “Mr. Perfect” Curt Henning. I have no clue as to why the WWE decided not to acknowledge this on NXT. He is a former FCW Heavyweight Champion and two-time Tag Team Champion with Brett DiBiase in a team known as the “Fortunate Sons.” Reports surfaced linking McGillicutty and DiBiase to Brett’s brother, Ted, and reforming the Fortunate Sons as a heel stable. But Brett injured his knee and this might be Plan B for McGillicutty.

Pro Interaction

Kofi Kingston will be a great mentor to McGillicutty in two ways. If he goes face, these two could easily steal the show. If he goes heel, I could see a feud between the two that would definitely spark interest. Keep an eye on this one.


Right now, I cannot pick a clear cut winner, but what I can do is tell you who I think are the only Rookies who have a chance of winning are. Here are those three:


Alex Riley

Michael McGillicutty

These three are the most experienced and WWE-ready coming into the competition. In Season One, Danielson didn’t need to win because his stardom was already established. If Kaval follows the same trend (as I detailed above), he won’t need to win either. I doubt the WWE wants two heels to win the first two seasons of NXT, so if McGillicutty debuts as a face, he will be my favorite for WWE NXT Season Two.


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