WWE Superstars Report: May 27, 2010

Posted: May 27, 2010 in Show Report, Superstars
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Courtesy of wwe.com

WWE Superstars is a mixed bag. I know I am starting to sound like a broken record every Thursday, but if you watch the show regularly, you know what I mean. I am going to skip the pomp and circumstance and just get to the analysis.

J.T.G. v. Cody Rhodes

I am loving Cody Rhodes right now, Since venturing out on his own, he has been nothing but impressive. Tonight on Superstars, he faced off against fellow tag team castaway J.T.G. It was a slow-paced contest for the most part with plenty of chain wrestling and mat-based techniques. Rhodes controlled most of the matchup and when J.T.G. did, the tempo increased significantly. J.T.G.’s modified swinging neckbreaker near the end looked like it was botched, but Matt Striker and Todd Grisham played it up as a significant move. But the end of the match played into Rhodes’ hands. Rhodes wins with Cross Rhodes off of a brutal side volley. Kofi Kingston winning the Intercontinental Championship at Over The Limit was the best thing for Rhodes, who, like I discussed with Adam Martin and Hunter Golden on Wrestleview Radio Sunday, is the perfect opponent for Kingston. I would definitely love to see a program between the two. Rhodes can flop around better than anyone else and Kingston loves to flop around on offense himself. Stay tuned.

Yoshi Tatsu v. Primo

The most entertaining part of this match was listening to Jerry Lawler and Michael Cole attempt to tiptoe around Carlito while discussing Primo. The crowd did not really give Primo any heat because, quite frankly, I don’t think they cared. I don’t see a future for either of these guys. Tatsu is very talented, but without promo skills or at least a mastery of English, he won’t get very far. For tonight, however, he wins with a spinning heel kick off of the top rope. There is not much else to say.

We DID get a John Morrison promo. In case you forgot, he was on Raw. He has been for a month. Yeah, I needed to jog my memory, too.

Evan Bourne v. Zack Ryder

What a drop-off in main events between this week and last week. Last week, we got Christian v. Dolph Ziggler. This week, it’s Zack Ryder v. Evan Bourne. These two got a 15-minute match with one commercial break and did a good job of utilizing all of their time. Evan Bourne teased the Shooting Star Press at least three times, but luckily (and pleasantly surprising), Ryder gets the victory via the Zack Attack. This is a “big” win for Ryder, who jobs just as much (or even more so) as Bourne. I wish Ryder would be put into a meaningful program. He had an ECW Championship match a while back and was very impressive. I think he could be a perfect foil for R-Truth on Raw.


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