WWE NXT Report: May 25, 2010

Posted: May 26, 2010 in NXT, Show Report
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Can you believe that next week is already the finals of NXT? You shouldn’t, considering that even though there are only three NXT Rookies left, there should be five left after last night (Thanks, WWE Management). Regardless, heading into the season finale of NXT, the semi-final episode wasn’t too bad. We had two solid matches and another fantastic segment between Bryan Danielson and Michael Cole. It’s time to look at NXT.

Opening promo

Matt Striker introduces the WWE Pros (minus Carlito and Punk) and then the NXT Rookies. Like last night, the Rookies are asked who should go home. Wade Barrett once again says the ‘Ginga Ninja” Heath Slater, but Justin Gabriel changes his vote to David Otunga, and Otunga changes his vote to Gabriel. I liked what these two had to say about each other because their criticisms of each other were very similar to the criticisms of the IWC. Otunga said Gabriel is a “glorified gymnast” and a “bumbling idiot” on the microphone, while Gabriel said Otunga has “no idea” what he is doing in the ring. I liked Otunga pleading Striker to give Gabriel the microphone in order to prove his point. Last, but not least, Slater votes for Barrett.

David “A-List” Otunga and WWE United States Champion R-Truth v. Heath Slater and Christian

We would see what Gabriel was talking about in regards to Otunga in this match. I’m sorry, David, but you are not going to beat WWE Superstars with shoulder blocks. You’re not John Cena. I noticed that when Otunga was in the ring and Slater/Christian were on the offensive, things slowed down dramatically and the moves performed weren’t too flashy or spot-crazy. I will give Otunga credit for his roll-up for the victory off of Slater’s cross body. I know Otunga will stick around and he is getting a decent amount of heat, but he needs to get better in the ring and fast.

Michael Cole/Bryan Danielson promo

The WWE is still calling him Daniel Bryan (They recently trademarked it, so I guess it is here to stay). He’s Danielson in my book now. Anyways, Michael Cole enters the ring with security and after showing footage of last week’s “traumatic” fight, he calls out Danielson to publicly apologize or face a lawsuit. Danielson comes down and feigns remorse before turning it around on Cole and apologizing for being the “worst announcer in the history of WWE.” Cole questions Danielson’s manhood and hits him with the microphone before bailing. Danielson breaks through security and nails Cole on the outside. As Danielson is being escorted up the ramp, the Miz gets in his face, but Danielson clocks him with a right hand. All hell breaks loose and we go to commercial.

Got all that? Want to see it? Here it is!

I love how the thing that is keeping most people watching NXT is the conflict between an announcer and an eliminated Rookie. I am glad the Miz finally got involved physically. The WWE must have big plans for Danielson as the “anti-WWE” hero who is out to prove that he belongs. His tactics are heel-like, but he is like Robin Hood, fighting for the poor, or in this case, the WWE Universe, against the establishment, or WWE. I want to see Miz tap out to Danielson so bad. I would totally geek out over that. Stay tuned.

Justin Gabriel (with Matt Hardy) v. Wade Barrett (with Chris Jericho)

I liked this match for (I can’t believe I’m going to say this) Striker’s commentary. Instead of being loud and obnoxious, he took the time to explain the mistakes each Rookie was making and how they ultimately cost Barrett the match. Add in Jericho’s usual yelling and the commentary shined through. Gabriel is growing on me, but I am still unsure. I am afraid he will turn into Evan Bourne, a jobber for the stars with one acrobatic move. Let’s hope that is not the case.


The second-to-last Pro’s Poll is revealed and the man going is…

Heath Slater.

That leaves…

Wade Barrett

David Otunga

Justin Gabriel

Heath Slater

Darren Young

Skip Sheffield

Daniel Bryan

Michael Tarver

Slater came in fourth behind Barrett, Otunga, and Gabriel. I wish the Pros were as involved as they are now, sitting on the stage for instant feedback. Slater annoyed me; he was a little too “out there” for my taste, but like I said last week, all of these guys are going to get contracts regardless. Jericho’s comments to Barrett were spot on as well. I am looking forward to next week’s finale. What will happen after NXT is beyond me, but be sure to tune in next week to see what happens NXT on the finale of NXT.


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