WWE Monday Night Raw Report: May 24, 2010

Posted: May 25, 2010 in Raw, Show Report
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My initial reaction to Sunday’s Over The Limit pay-per-view was one of surprise. I thought the card played out very well and I got my money’s worth. Yet, after sitting on it for a day, I realized that the show was not as great as I originally thought. In reality, it was mediocre at best. Last night’s Raw was also mediocre at best. Yes, we did have a huge Superstar quit, the naming of the new Raw GM, and the participants for the WWE Championship Fatal 4 Way match at Fatal 4 Way were decided (including one unexpected name). Other than that, nothing really clicked. Let’s take a look at last night’s Raw.

Batista/Bret Hart promo

To kick off a night of unexpected visitors, Batista hobbles to the ring visibly shaken, battered, and bruised from his “I Quit” match with John Cena the night before. I think Batista’s heel work since October has been fantastic. Not only is it believable, it can also be downright hysterical. From sitting in a wheelchair and still demanding the spotlight to threatening to sue the WWE Universe, Batista just made his anger feel so real. Where said anger was Sunday is beyond me. Anyways, as Batista is complaining, Justin Roberts interrupts and introduces the new Raw GM, Bret Hart. To be honest,  I completely forgot about this announcement. Hart makes his way to the ring (minus the U.S. Championship) and creates qualifying matches for the three spots available at Fatal 4 Way’s WWE Championship match. Hart puts Batista in a match against an opponent “who is also injured.” I thought it was going to be Mark Henry because A) he was injured B) he was injured by Batista and C) Henry could replace Randy Orton as the second face in the match. It ends up being Orton. This was a pleasant surprise; even considering putting Orton in the match next month probably means that the diagnosis of his arm/shoulder injury must not be as bad as speculated. Batista does not want to wrestle and Orton wins by forfeit. Batista flips out and threatens to quit. I loved the “you’re nothing without me” line because it reminded me of the “you’re nothing without us” line that he shouted during Evolution’s excommunication of Orton several years ago. Batista quits (again) and this is the break/contract expiration we’ve been hearing reports about for months. I like how he played it into the storyline and it looks like he is leaving things open-ended for a possible return. A great way to start the show.

Mark Henry v. Sheamus – WWE Championship Fatal 4 Way Qualifying Match

Speaking of Mark Henry, he gets a chance to earn a spot in the match next. Then we find out his opponent is Sheamus and all hope for Henry is lost. If anyone reading this thought Henry had a chance to win, please stop here and don’t come back! Just kidding, come back. But leave now. Anyways, Sheamus works the arm (which seems popular these days) and Henry does a good job of selling the damage. The arm plays into the finish when Henry goes for the press slam, but his arm gives out, setting up Sheamus for the bicycle kick and the victory. Sheamus is in and who is surprised?

Jon Lovitz/Maryse promo – Bret Hart/Edge/Chris Jericho promo

Jon Lovitz is in the back and on the phone with Mr. McMahon. Maryse enters and one thing leads to another, Lovitz speaks French, comes on to Maryse and then it’s over. I like Jon Lovitz; as a big Saturday Night Live and Simpsons fan, he is a great comedian. However, this guest host gig, especially since there is a GM now, needs to end.

Speaking of (again) GMs, Hart is in the back with Edge and Chris Jericho. Edge wants a qualifying match against a hurting Cena and Jericho demands the spot without a match. Hart makes a triple threat among the three, where if Edge or Jericho wins, the winner is in, but if Cena wins, neither are in. I am impressed with Hart’s mic skills as of late. At the very least, it should be an interesting summer.

Alicia Fox and Maryse v. Gail Kim and WWE Diva’s Champion Eve Torres

Poor Gail. She has not looked good since returning to WWE and should have stayed in TNA. Anyways, this match was short and sweet. The heels win when Fox kicks Eve in the head with the referee distracted and Maryse picks up the scraps with the French Kiss DDT. I am glad this rivalry will continue; it’s the best (and really only) thing the Divas division has going for it right now.

We then get the announcement stating that Hart has abdicated the U.S. Title and a new champion will be crowned tonight in a one-on-one contest between R-Truth and the Miz. The prospect of this match looks promising, but I am disappointed that they didn’t go with an expanded tournament that would be better than the IC Title Tournament on Smackdown.

R-Truth v. The Miz – WWE United States Championship

Fresh off of slapping a concussion onto Ted DiBiase, R-Truth gets a shot at the vacant title. The Miz actually gets a smattering of cheers from the Ohio crowd. The two lock up and this match ends up being a quality match that got a somewhat dead Toledo crowd involved. The Miz breaks from the norm and works on Truth’s shoulder. Truth took a hard bump on the outside after a mistimed slingshot cross body. These two worked really well together, but I do not see this becoming a feud anytime soon. After plenty of near falls, Truth hits the Lie Detector and wins the U.S. Title, his first singles title in WWE. I wonder where Truth will go from here. He needs a challenger, but whom? Stay tuned.

John Cena promo

Cena cuts a promo in the back putting over his win over Batista. There are certain types of Cena that I like and others that I don’t. I have always been a fan of smug Cena, where instead of being humble, he knows that he is the best and makes it known. Tonight, he “put everyone on notice.” I loved it. If he was like this regularly, I would like him full-time instead of part-time.

Jon Lovitz Superstar Search

Okay. This got real old real quick. Jon Lovitz plugs his comedy club, the Bellas are there as usual, and we get another lame talent show. The Great Khali sings (well, it wasn’t singing, but more like muffled mumbling) and I thought he was going back to India! The only good thing that came out of this was Jillian Hall being buzzed before she even sang. Lovitz looks in the crowd and finds a guy who can pull out his glass eye, which he does. Alright. Ted DiBiase and Virgil show up and DiBiase asks to buy the eyeball. The eyeless man (who is WWE Creative member Joe Francosci) says no, then Santino comes out to try the nerve pinch that Lovitz taught him. It works on Virgil, but not on DiBiase, and Santino gets Dream Street for his troubles. Ugh. Please don’t tell me we have a Santino/DiBiase feud on our hands. DiBiase is floundering, much like everyone assumed Miz would when he broke up with John Morrison. At least Miz tried.

P.S. Where in the hell is John Morrison? Coming to Raw was a bad idea.

WWE Unified Tag Team Champions The Hart Dynasty (with Natalya) v. William Regal and Vlad Kozlov

Sloppy, sloppy squash. The story is what happened after the match when three unknown wrestlers attacked the Hart Dynasty and did simultaneous frog splashes off the top rope. These newcomers are FCW’s Jimmy and Jules Uso along with Tamina. The Usos are the sons of Rikishi (I didn’t know Rikishi was old enough to be a father) and Tamina is the daughter of Jimmy Snuka. I guess they are here to make an impact. And they are already doing a better job of it than Curt Hawkins and Vance Archer. I am surprised that we didn’t learn their identities last night, especially since the Dynasty’s family member is the new GM.

NXT Rookies promo/Michael Cole promo

Josh Mathews is in the back with the NXT Rookies and he asks each one who they feel will go home on NXT. Everyone who is not Heath Slater says Slater, including Justin Gabriel, who is the other face left. That caught me off guard, but this was one of the better NXT promos I’ve seen. When it feels real and not scripted, it’s good. This is one of those times.

We then find out that tonight on NXT, Michael Cole will demand an apology from Daniel Bryan or he will sue. Awesome.

Chris Jericho v. Edge v. WWE Champion John Cena – WWE Championship Fatal 4 Way Qualifying Match

This was a good match with a lot of different dynamics playing part. There was Cena’s wounds of war, Edge and Jericho working together/trying to remember they hate each other, and plenty of spots and near falls to keep fans guessing. The end of the match had several false finishes (Edge spearing Jericho, Jericho putting Cena and Edge in the Walls of Jericho, Edge spearing Cena with Jericho in position for the Attitude Adjustment) and even a false Dusty Finish with Edge in the STFU while Jericho had Cena in the Walls of Jericho. I am glad that there wasn’t a double tap out. Edge wins with a Spear after Jericho hits the Codebreaker on Cena. Edge winning makes sense with Orton in the match and Cena not getting pinned shows that Cena doesn’t have to get pinned to lose his title next month. There is a stare down with all four participants, including Orton, who does not look like his arm/shoulder is bothering him too much. The WWE lucked out there. Raw is off and running towards Fatal 4 Way.


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