WWE Over The Limit: The Predictions

Posted: May 23, 2010 in Analysis, PPV
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In a year where WWE plans to introduce several new pay-per-view concepts, the first has finally arrived. Over The Limit’s inaugural card is not too shabby and should make for a quality show. What is known for sure is that unlike Extreme Rules, most of these matches could easily go either way. As always, I have my predictions ready to share with the masses. So without further ado, live from Detroit, it’s Sunday night!

Here. Listen to this while you read on. Set the mood, you know?

Ted DiBiase v. R-Truth

This match was just added last week on Raw and could possibly be the opener. Though this “spoiled brat v. kid from the streets” feud has been played out, I like the dynamic that these two have. DiBiase’s “Fortunate Son” gimmick still has not worn on me yet because I don’t really believe him as the trust fund baby. Yet, I do find this search for a “Virgil” very entertaining. Speaking of Virgil, the actual Virgil showed up with DiBiase on Raw last week and will be in DiBiase’s corner during the match. I expect Virgil to play a factor in the match and help R-Truth. That way, Virgil does not need to be around moving forward and the search for the new Virgil can continue. I said Virgil a lot. Bottom line: the Truth hurts and will win Sunday night.

Winner: R-Truth

Randy Orton v. Edge

I like these two in a feud. When Edge returned as a face after injury about five or six years ago, he battled Orton over the IC Title and ultimately ended Orton’s seven month reign as champion. This time, the roles have been reversed and gives the Universe something fresh. I could see this feud over a title someday, but for the time being, it is a good secondary feud on Raw to keep audiences entertained. Orton has come into his own as a fan favorite and is closer to Stone Cold Steve Austin in terms of the “rebel” attitude than anyone has come since Austin retired. Albeit, it is much different and less relatable, but it seems to be working. I am glad that the WWE turned Edge heel; though it was nice to cheer for him again, it did not feel right after five years of the “Rated R Era” being stuffed down our throats. Both men are pretty psycho and will do anything to win, which explains Edge helping to bring back Vickie Guerrero as Raw GM. This is a toss-up, but I am going to go with Edge. I like Orton as the “apex predator” (I don’t like the saying, but like him chasing instead of being chased) and having Edge brag about his victory might lead to a more heated angle in the future.

Winner: Edge

Rey Mysterio v. C.M. Punk – Hair v. Pledge Match  -If Rey wins, Punk must allow him to shave his head. If Punk wins, Rey must join the Straight Edge Society.

This will be the show stealer. What a hot feud this has been. Each man has won a match when his livelihood has been on the line, but unlike the other matches, Punk and Mysterio both have something at stake. In short, it is a combination between the two previous matches (see stipulation above). I have no idea who will win this contest, but I will do my best to try. If Mysterio wins and Punk loses his hair, we could see the end of the Straight Edge Society. I believe it is way too soon to fold what might be the best stable WWE has had since Evolution in terms of heat and storyline presence. I feel that will come in time, but the time is not now. If Punk wins and Rey joins the SES, we could have an angle much like JBL and Shawn Michaels did at the end of 2008, where Michaels “worked” for JBL until HBK won a match to free himself of his captivity. I think that would be more believable and would carry this feud until the end of the year. Mysterio could battle through Luke Gallows and the masked man to get to Punk or even try to use them to overthrow Punk, ending the SES by shaving Punk’s head. Punk’s head will be bald eventually, but not now. If this was a Hair v. Mask match, the outcome would be obvious. Thankfully, that is not the case. Expect Rey Mysterio to join the Straight Edge Society at Over The Limit.

Winner: C.M. Punk

Eve Torres v. Maryse – WWE Diva’s Championship

Eve and Maryse have put on a pretty hot (not because they are both sexy. Well, maybe) Diva feud over the last month or so. The problem on Raw is that other than Maryse, there are not very many credible heel challengers for the Diva’s Title. The formula of “Maryse being champion, losing it, winning it back, meeting a new challenge, and repeating” is getting old. I want to see this feud continue for a little bit longer. For that to happen, Eve needs to win Sunday. Eve has improved so much in the ring and deserves a nice run at the top. Eve retains.

Winner: Eve Torres

Drew McIntyre v. Kofi Kingston – WWE Intercontinental Championship

When Kofi Kingston was drafted to Friday Night Smackdown, I automatically selected him as the man who would finally overtake Drew McIntyre for the Intercontinental Championship. Then Drew was fired and Kofi subsequently won the vacant championship in a match against Christian. I backed into a correct prediction, if you will. Yet, even after all of that, Drew was “reinstated” and here we are. I still see Kofi being the one who will usurp Drew as the IC Champion, but it is too soon for that. Other than Drew being rehired and taking back his title, there is not really a feud otherwise. For Kofi’s win to mean something, this angle needs to continue for at least another month. With that said, Drew will retain his Intercontinental Championship at Over The Limit and remain champion. For now.

Winner: Drew McIntyre

The Hart Dynasty v. The Miz & Chris Jericho – WWE Unified Tag Team Championship

The Hart Dynasty finally benefitted from Bret Hart’s return to the WWE when they won the WWE Unified Tag Team Championship from ShoMiz during the Draft Special April 26. The push was a long time coming for the Dynasty, who had nothing to do with the feud between Bret and Vince McMahon until Wrestlemania XXVI, when the storyline was already two months old. Tyson Kidd and David Hart Smith are two talented, young workers who deserve to hold the titles. For that reason, it is too soon for the Miz and Chris Jericho, former champions in their own right, to take the titles from the Dynasty. I can see ChoMiz (?) winning the Unified Championship in the future and continuing their feud with the Big Show on Smackdown. But the tag team scene in the WWE already lacks credibility and having the champions lose the belts in less than a month would not help the cause. Also, now that Bret Hart (who might play a role in the match) has won the U.S. Title from Miz (P.S. This is the first time Miz has not had some sort of title since October), it almost guarantees that this storyline will continue past Over The Limit. The Dynasty retains.

Winners: The Hart Dynasty

John Cena v. Batista – “I Quit” Match for the WWE Championship

An “I Quit” match is usually the “go to” match to end a long-running feud. However, such an ending can be anti-climatic. The WWE Championship between John Cena and Batista will be anti-climatic. On one side, Batista has not won a match in this feud (the “match” at Elimination Chamber does not count), so having him go over could make sense. On the other hand,  John Cena is a perfect 2-0 in “I Quit” contests and quite frankly, Cena’s image doesn’t really play into the whole “giving up” thing, considering his shirts say otherwise. Also, do not forget the reports about Batista’s expiring contract; it seems like Big Dave will be taking a break. Expect a failed run-in by Sheamus to set up a feud between Cena and Sheamus for next month. Maybe even a Mark Henry run-in? Doubtful, but you never know. I have noticed a general trend in this feud: Batista gets all of the momentum and upper hands on Cena on television, but once the PPV rolls around, Cena gets revenge. If you combine all of these facts into one simple statement, it would read like this: there is no way that John Cena will lose this match. You can bet on it.

Winner: John Cena

The Big Show v. Jack Swagger – World Heavyweight Championship

Jack Swagger has been doing a great job as World Heavyweight Champion so far. At the very least, he has done better than Sheamus, who did not have a clean pinfall victory in his reign as WWE Champion. Last month, Swagger pinned Randy Orton to retain his World Title. This month, he will find a way to do the same. The Big Show is always a good challenger for a major championship. The problem is is that he never comes through and wins them. Show has not held a World Title (meaning WWE, since he has never held the WHC. Sorry, ECW) since 2002. Don’t expect that to change tonight. With all of the momentum on Smackdown squarely in Show’s corner, it is just delaying the inevitable. I can see a DQ finish in this one just like I can see Swagger pinning Show cleanly. Either way, Swagger will walk out of Over The Limit still World Heavyweight Champion.

Winner: Jack Swagger

Check back tomorrow for my #1 Pretender PPV Standings and Tuesday for my weekly Raw report!


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