WWE Over The Limit: The Prediction Results

Posted: May 23, 2010 in PPV

WWE Over The Limit just ended and I was definitely impressed by how the inaugural card played itself out. Earlier today, I posted my thoughts and predictions on who would win each match. Now is the time that I look back at my selections and update my official #1 Pretender PPV Standings.

Drew McIntyre v. Kofi Kingston – WWE Intercontinental Championship

Predicted winner: Drew McIntyre

Winner: Kofi Kingston


(The WWE Production Team gave the ending away before the match even started. The WWE placed so much emphasis on Drew’s entrance video. If you recall, there was a clip of him accentuating the IC Title. It was removed and replaced with another clip tonight during his entrance.)

Ted DiBiase v. R-Truth

Predicted winner: R-Truth

Winner: R-Truth


C.M. Punk v, Rey Mysterio – Hair v. Pledge

Predicted winner: C.M. Punk

Winner: Rey Mysterio


The Hart Dynasty v. The Miz & Chris Jericho – WWE Unified Tag Team Championship

Predicted winner: The Hart Dynasty

Winner: The Hart Dynasty


Randy Orton v. Edge

Predicted winner: Edge

Winner: Double countout

I will give this a tie. 2-2-1

Jack Swagger v. The Big Show – WWE World Heavyweight Championship

Predicted winner: Jack Swagger

Winner: Big Show via DQ


Eve Torres v. Maryse – WWE Diva’s Championship

Predicted winner: Eve Torres

Winner: Eve Torres


John Cena v. Batista – “I Quit” Match for the WWE Championship

Predicted winner: John Cena

Winner: John Cena

Total Score: 4-3-1

I did not do as well as I did at last month’s Extreme Rules, but that could turn out to be a good thing because Over The Limit kept me on my toes. When all is said and done, that is the way it should be.

#1 Pretender PPV Standings

Extreme Rules: 6-1

Over The Limit: 4-3-1

Updated total: 10-4-1

Join me again next month on June 20 when another new pay-per-view concept, Fatal 4 Way, comes to us live from Nassau Coliseum in Long Island, New York. As always, check back Tuesday for my weekly Raw report.


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