WWE Friday Night Smackdown Report: May 21, 2010

Posted: May 22, 2010 in Show Report, Smackdown
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The “go home” editions of Raw and Smackdown are always tricky. Each respective show must do the best job possible to sell viewers on the upcoming pay-per-view. While Raw did a great job selling Over The Limit this past Monday, I feel that Smackdown struggled to do something memorable that will capture  the fans’ attention. Last night’s show took the focus off of Rey Mysterio and C.M. Punk and put it on the World Heavyweight Championship match, its main event this Sunday. Let’s take a look at the last Friday Night Smackdown before this Sunday’s Over The Limit.

Straight Edge Society/Rey Mysterio promo

I don’t understand the decision to resurrect (no pun intended) the whole “mass induction of independent wrestlers” so close to the pay-per-view. It worked in January when Punk created the SES and even then I didn’t understand why the WWE only kept Serena around even though they inducted two other people before her. Anyways, this segment fell pretty flat. It is a double-edged sword, if you will. It was good because it took the focus off of their match for the time being, but after such a hot feud, this might have been the weakest segment between the two. The power of the feud itself will hopefully sell Over The Limit to the fans. After shaving some heads, Rey interrupts and shows what Punk would look like bald. Short, sweet, and to the point.

“The Self-Professed WWE Co-Women’s Champions” Layla El and Michelle McCool vs. Kelly Kelly and Tiffany

Don’t get me started about these developments. It is ridiculous. The Smackdown Divas have been putting together better matches as of late and this one was one of them. The entire sequence that started with Kelly knocking Layla to the outside and ending with Tiffany hitting the flying lariat to the outside was actually well done. The match ends when Michelle utilizes a creative counter and hits Tiffany with the Styles Clash. It is only a matter of time until LayCool breaks up and feuds over the title. Layla going face? Probably.

Big Show interview segments

Throughout the show, the Big Show was shown in pre-taped interviews mocking Jack Swagger’s from a few weeks ago. He started with knocking Swagger out three weeks ago and chokeslamming him through the announce table two weeks ago. My sense of humor is a little juvenile, but Show’s intonation and facial expressions were hysterical. I am glad they put the focus on the WHC match, since it is technically Smackdown’s main event at Over The Limit.

J.T.G. v. Caylen Croft (with Trent Baretta)

The Dudebusters “bust dudes up?” They haven’t won since their debut on ECW (or so it seems). J.T.G. beats up on Croft AGAIN. Why doesn’t Baretta fight in singles matches? These guys are jokes. Make them look credible or send them back to FCW. As for J.T.G., find something for him to do, too.

Curt Hawkins and Vance Archer v. “local competitors”

Twenty-two days. Twenty-two days for Archer and Hawkins to make an impact. I like these guys, really. I want them to make an impact by beating up some mid-carders, not jobbers. You know they will make said “impact.” Let’s hope it’s impressive.

WWE World Heavyweight Champion Jack Swagger v. Kofi Kingston

Swagger cuts another straight-faced promo beforehand, much like his promo on Randy Orton before Extreme Rules. This match was very entertaining. The spots were spot on (Sorry, I had to) and I especially liked Swagger’s big boot off of Kofi’s cross body and I always love the S.O.S. The Big Show walks out and claims he has something to tell Swagger, which allows Kofi to hit an even bigger cross body for the victory. Show then shows a “WWE Did You Know” that says “KOFI JUST BEAT YOU.” I laughed. But seriously, why in the hell does Swagger always lose non-title matches? He lost to John Morrison, the Undertaker, Orton and now Kofi. Taker I can understand. The others not so much. It makes him look weak. Cut him some slack! He’s the champion! Oh well.

The Peep Show

Remember in my Superstars report when I said that Christian deserved the “Player of the Week” award? Yeah, after last night, it should be revoked. Hornswoggle? Really? This entire segment was a complete mess. Vickie Guerrero comes out with Chavo Guerrero to shut down the show. Chavo heads into the ring to stop Christian and I am SO glad Hornswoggle was not involved with Chavo. There is no need to rehash that disaster again. Out of nowhere, Dolph Ziggler attacks Christian and sets up Chavo for the big Frog Splash. I would like WWE Superstars to help forward mid-card feuds and hopefully that is the case with Christian and Ziggler. I see a handicap match next week involving these three. I just hope Christian doesn’t get too involved because I want him to be free for a WHC match.

C.M. Punk and Luke Gallows v. M.V.P. and Rey Mysterio

A rematch from a few weeks ago, this match was nothing special. Rey pins Punk with the hurricanrana to get the win out of nowhere. Like I said before, the focus was off this feud last night and that is okay. I can’t wait for Punk and Rey to put on one hell of a match this Sunday.

The Big Show v. WWE Intercontinental Champion Drew McIntyre

This was Big Show’s first match on Smackdown. Weird. Anyways, the match ends in a DQ when Swagger interferes. Show really had the momentum during this entire feud, so it makes sense to give Swagger at least one upper hand. I am not sold on this match. It should be good, but it alone would not make me buy the PPV.

Please come back tomorrow to view my predictions for WWE Over The Limit!


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