WWE Superstars Report: May 20, 2010

Posted: May 21, 2010 in Show Report, Superstars
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Courtesy of wwe.com

One can say there was a “talent upgrade” last night on WWE Superstars, if you will (pun intended since both of Dusty’s sons wrestled last night). The main event was a pay-per-view caliber match and the rest of the show featured the stronger, up-and-coming mid-carders. Let’s check it out, shall we?

Santino Marella v. Vlad Kozlov

This wasn’t even a match, but what I am going to call a “promo squash.” Santino takes the microphone before the match and continues to plead with Kozlov to join forces and become the greatest tag team “of all the times.” Santino, as always, cuts a humorous promo, including chanting “USA” in Canada and making a Chris Bosh joke in Toronto. The bell rings and Kozlov’s mind is pretty much made up when he head butts Santino and slams him with the Uranage Spinebuster for the victory. There was a promo and then a squash. Promo squash (patent pending)!  I actually hope these two someday become a team. If anything, it’ll pad the tag team ranks.

Goldust v. William Regal

I was surprised by how sloppy this match was. Both Goldust and Regal normally work very structured matches, but everything seemed out of place. The sequence where Goldust swung wildly while trying to protect his worked-over arm just came off very ugly. And don’t get me started with the whole “blood stoppage time” thing that the WWE has implemented. Watching Regal stall for time was pretty pathetic, but it is always pathetic that a little blood behind the ear is worth stopping a match. After all of this, Goldust surprisingly picks up the victory. I cannot remember the last time Goldust won on television, so good for him.

Cody Rhodes v. Chris Masters

Masters is slowly taking Carlito’s place as “Mr. Thursday Night” (UPDATE 5/21: WWE released Carlito today due to violation of the Wellness Policy. That explains things). After losing to Dolph Ziggler last week, Masters had another opportunity to gain a victory, this time over Cody Rhodes. If you read this blog regularly, you know how impressed I’ve been since Rhodes moved over to Smackdown. Tonight was no different. The arm was the key component of this match, much like the previous contest. A solid back-and-forth match with a creative ending. Masters tries locking in the Master Lock, but Rhodes makes it to the ropes. Yet, Rhodes never lets go of Masters’ arm and hits an armbar DDT to set up Cross Rhodes for the victory. I hope Rhodes is first in line for an Intercontinental Title opportunity once Drew McIntyre drops the belt.

Christian v. Dolph Ziggler

This was a fantastic match and that is saying a lot (it IS Superstars, you know). I thought Matt Striker had a funny line about how bad NXT Rookies want to end up where Christian and Ziggler were on “WWE Superstars.” Matt, I doubt ANY WWE Superstar wants to end up on Superstars. Todd Grisham bested Striker on comedic commentary when he called Bryan Danielson/Daniel Bryan “Bryan Daniels.” I didn’t know the Fallen Angel has a brother. Moving on, this was a fast-paced match featured two future main eventers. I loved the sequence where Ziggler knocked Christian on the apron which led into the hesitation drop kick to the outside. The match ends with Christian countering the Zig Zag into a back elbow and Killswitch for the win. If there was a “Player of the Week” award in the WWE, Christian earned it hands down. He is finally ready to be back in the main event scene. Throw him a bone!

Check in tomorrow for my weekly Smackdown report and Sunday for my Over The Limit predictions!


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