WWE NXT Report: May 18, 2010

Posted: May 19, 2010 in NXT, Show Report
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Courtesy of wwe.com

Yes, that is a picture of Bryan Danielson (er, Daniel Bryan) kicking the crap out of Michael Cole you see above. This week’s NXT had more “reality” from all those involved, especially Danielson. The Pros held a forum of sorts and we had another elimination, bringing NXT to the final four. Things are getting interesting, so let’s take a look at last night’s NXT.

Pro’s Forum

Matt Striker brings out the WWE Pros (minus Truth and Carlito) for a open forum. Striker asks the Pros what each is looking for in a potential WWE Superstar. The main answer seemed to be the “It Factor,” but what I was paying attention to were the interactions among the Pros. I especially liked William Regal and Christian arguing with each other and mentioning their feud over the ECW Championship last summer. You don’t see extended candor with the WWE Superstars very much, so it is an interesting dynamic when you see them “relaxed.” This would continue throughout the show.

Darren Young v. Wade Barrett (with Chris Jericho)

NXT is starting to become like Whose Line Is It Anyway, where “the matches don’t matter.” In short, Barrett wins with the Fireman’s Carry Slam. The best part of this match is what the respective Pros involved did. C.M. Punk looked like he was coming down to the ring with Young, but bails out. Jericho yelled at Josh Mathews and Cole, which is always priceless. The entire Punk/Young respect angle must be over. That’s unfortunate because that was one of the more intriguing angles on NXT.

David Otunga Package

More or less a repeat of his first vignette. Most of the Pros see Otunga as a breakout star, while others see him as green in the ring. I wish these packages were a part of NXT from day one.

Michael Tarver/”Daniel Bryan” promo

I will be referring to Bryan as Danielson for the time being. That’s what he said last week! Anyways, Striker has Tarver and Danielson in the ring to express their feelings over being eliminated. Tarver actually cuts a decent promo when he wants to and I loved his line about the limousines.

The story here is about Danielson. He cut another “worked shoot” about being eliminated by “politics” and how he didn’t fit into Vince McMahon’s mold of a Superstar. I am surprised WWE is allowing Danielson to do this; Vince is allowing Danielson to echo everything said in the IWC. When Danielson called out the Pros, specifically Jericho and Regal, I liked how they acknowledged him. When Danielson told Miz that he was better than him, I loved Regal and Punk agreeing with Danielson and Regal even getting on the mic to agree with Danielson. This was the candor I was speaking of. But of course, the greatest part of this promo was Danielson’s attack on Cole. He confronted the “poor man’s JR” and knocked him down. I can’t wait to see what happens next week. Cole eventually left the announce table during the upcoming match after stating that he would press charges. Awesome.

Justin Gabriel (with Matt Hardy) v. Heath Slater (with Christian)

Gabriel wins with the 450 Splash. Moving on.

Skip Sheffield vignette

Another good promo from an eliminated Rookie. Sheffield just needs some polishing, but I can see him back in the WWE sometime in the future.

Darren Young Package

The general consensus about Young is that he has something there, but needs to break out of his shell. I hope he will stay, but I doubt it.


And just like that, Darren Young was eliminated from NXT last night, coming in fifth after Barrett, Otunga, Slater, and Gabriel. I am a little disappointed that the WWE didn’t continue with the Young/SES angle because since the Miz/Danielson feud had died down over the weeks before Danielson was axed, the former became the most intriguing storyline on NXT. I feel like NXT will be a lot like the Raw Diva Searches of past, where even though only one can win, the losers will still be offered contracts. Regardless, another elimination takes place next week, so stay tuned to see what happens NXT on NXT.


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