WWE Friday Night Smackdown Report: May 14, 2010

Posted: May 15, 2010 in Show Report, Smackdown
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Smackdown felt an awful lot like Raw last night. Last night’s show featured promo segments (albeit good ones) that ran way too long and took away from the overall wrestling on the show. Yet, when those matches were actually given time, they were high-quality. We had a twist in the Intercontinental Title picture and an Over The Limit preview as a main event. Care to take a look?

Kofi Kingston v. Christian – WWE Intercontinental Championship

This was a phenomenal match between two fan favorites. Christian and Kofi kept the crowd engaged the entire way with plenty of near-falls and high-risk spots. In particular, I enjoyed Kofi using Christian’s pendulum kick and Christian using it later in the match as well as the blocked Trouble In Paradise into the reverse DDT. There is plenty I missed, so please check this match out. There was no clear cut winner and that is how each match in the WWE should always be. Kofi wins with a Trouble In Paradise out of nowhere, which further sells the fact that anything can happen.

P.S.  Matt Striker mentioned that Buffalo has seen the IC Title change hands three times and questioned if the WWE Universe would see it again tonight. OF COURSE THEY WOULD! The title was vacant! Dumbass.

Moving on, Kofi celebrates until last week’s future-endeavored former champion, Drew McIntyre, comes to the ring and hands Teddy Long a note from Vince McMahon. The letter stated that Drew would be reinstated and given back the IC Title. I liked how Kofi refused to give it up, which signifies its importance, but did not go after Drew when he walked away with his title. This should make for a good feud and perhaps my hypothesis of Kofi finally taking Drew is still alive.

Shad Gaspard v. Jesse Guyver

A typical “mid-carder beats up local guy” squash. Guyver gets one or two shots in, but the ending is never in doubt. Shad wins with the big STO (or as Striker said, “Shad Takes Over,” which is clever). This was only Shad’s second match on Smackdown; his others were on Superstars, Raw in the Draft Battle Royal, and Extreme Rules. Shad could be the monster mid-card heel Smackdown is looking for, especially with the departure of Mike Knox and Kane more or less a face/fan favorite. But to do that, WWE Creative needs to make the fans care about Shad (or despise him, really). Otherwise, his talent is going to waste.

M.V.P. and JTG v. The Dudebusters

Too many initials, so little time. The MVPJTG (say that 10 times fast) wins with M.V.P.’s Play of the Day. The Dudebusters, former FCW Tag Team Champions, are not getting over at all and I do not think they have won since their debut on ECW. If we are going to consider them credible challengers for the Unified Titles, they need to start winning and fast.

C.M. Punk/Straight Edge Society backstage promo

Another great promo by Punk to set up the match for later. He really is the best in the business right now at getting people to take his words seriously. Just watch and admire.

Jack Swagger/Big Show promo

This was WAY too long. Some of the things that Swagger bragged about just seemed odd. Taking a 32 year old to prom? I took an 21 year old on a blind date when I was 17; it’s not much to brag about (P.S. the date sucked). Also, as PW Insider’s Richard Trionfo pointed out, his Eagle Scout salute was actually the Cub Scout salute. Those are two different things. And as I mentioned a few weeks ago, Oklahoma wasn’t even in the 2002 Rose Bowl. If you are going to brag, Swagger/WWE Creative, make it believe. I did love, however, how they cut to commercial while he was speaking for the second straight week. Big Show finally enters and breaks Swagger’s trophies, punts his football, and swings a bat at his pictures. The Big Show has had the upper hand in this feud all month long. Something has to give or they are definitely setting up for a predictable Swagger win at Over The Limit. Anyone for a Swaggie?

Beth Phoenix v. Layla El and Michelle McCool – 2 v. 1 Handicap Match for the WWE Women’s Championship

For the first time in her career, Beth Phoenix wrestled in her hometown of Buffalo, New York, as a face. And what happens? She loses the Women’s Championship. Current/Former/Ex Raw GM Vickie Guerrero kicks Rosa Mendes, Beth’s original opponent, out of the ring and makes an impromptu title defense against Team LayCool. The match focused on Beth’s injured knee, which she legitimately injured last week on Superstars. Though I do not agree with the match itself, I did like the finish. Instead of having LayCool just punish Beth, McCool and Beth knock each other out and Layla picks up the pieces to claim her first WWE championship (No, not THAT one). According to PW Insider, Beth Phoenix tore her ACL and will be out of action for at least five to six months. It’s such a shame that whenever the Divas division gets any sort of momentum, something like this ruins it. Luckily, Melina should be returning within the next month to fill the void for Beth. There was something that I was thinking about, though. When McCool was champion, Layla was her stooge, much like DiBiase and Rhodes were to Randy Orton. An idea for a storyline could be McCool’s unwillingness to help Layla keep her title and for jealousy to kick in. Vickie could also play favorites. Who knows. Just a thought.

Kane v. Chavo Guerrero

Ugh. Poor Chavito. I don’t have anything else to say.

C.M. Punk v. Rey Mysterio

Why they put this match on free television two weeks before their pay-per-view clash is beyond me. What we could decipher, however, is that there would definitely not be a clean finish. Mysterio wins by DQ when the SES interferes, even after Punk told them not to. There was plenty of momentum busting in this match on Punk’s end. A textbook Rey Mysterio match features him struggling, then fighting back only to be thwarted eventually. This was one of those matches. Luke Gallows interferes and we get a good false finish with Punk rolling up Mysterio but he kicked out. Serena dresses up as the masked man to distract Rey and the real masked men jumps him for the DQ finish. I loved Punk outstretching his arms a la Jesus when his henchmen put Rey on his shoulders for the GTS. Punk raising Mysterio’s hand to pledge to the SES was a great heel move. This match could easily steal the show at Over The Limit. Smackdown is selling it more than the World Title match so the WWE must have faith in this match. This is the feud of the year so far. Good work all around.


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