WWE NXT Report: May 11, 2010

Posted: May 12, 2010 in NXT, Show Report
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Um, wow. Last night’s NXT really threw me and the rest of the Universe for a loop. Instead of the one elimination we were promised, we got three, including a shocker. In lieu of the developments presented last night, I am going to forego my usual segment break downs and look at the eliminations as a whole.

Michael Tarver: This one was pretty obvious. The methods, however, that the WWE eliminated Tarver by were much different than what we expected. Instead of being eliminated as the last Rookie in the Pro’s Poll, Tarver was axed based on his comments last week that he deserved to go home. At first, he took it well, but eventually blew up before leaving ringside. His promo in the back with Matt Striker was one of, if not the, best promo on NXT this season. If this Michael Tarver would have been played up, he could have been seen as a legitimate contender for the top prize. One thing all of the Rookies said upon elimination was that this would not be the last time they were seen in the WWE. Reports have surfaced that Tarver might become Ted DiBiase’s “Virgil,” which would make sense in storyline considering Tarver kept mentioning how much he has struggled to make ends meat. Also, his Pro, Carlito, did the dirty work for DiBiase last week on Raw. Keep an eye open for Tarver. I think he will be back around sooner than we all think.

Daniel Bryan: After 12 weeks of claiming Daniel Bryan as the uncrowned winner of NXT, I ate my words last night when he was shockingly eliminated by the same means as Tarver. According to Striker, the WWE felt that a potential Superstar had to believe in himself. Whatever. His interview with Striker was up there with Tarver’s interview. Bryan played a worked shoot into proclaiming the death of “Daniel Bryan” and announcing the rebirth of “Bryan Danielson.” Thank G_d. It was definitely interesting when he said that Daniel Bryan could not beat Rookies but could hang with the likes of Batista. Obviously, the WWE did not bring in Danielson to only throw him back out so quickly. Danielson could get a contract on his own merits, unlike most of the Rookies still left in the running. I am not sure where we will see Danielson next. Perhaps he could be a “surprise entrant” at the end of NXT and still win or maybe he will show up on Raw or Smackdown (hopefully Raw) and impress the masses. When Striker announced the prize of NXT (a championship match of the Rookie’s choosing at a pay-per-view), I swore it would be Bryan against the Miz for the U.S. Title. Why would they set up an angle between the two from day one? I don’t know what will happen with that, but it should get good. Stay tuned.

Update 4:30 PM: According to the Wrestling News Observer, plans were scrapped in order to make this season of NXT shorter. The original plan would have had Daniel Bryan defeating the Miz for the U.S. Title. HA! I may be an idiot, but there is one thing that I am not, and that is an idiot.

Skip Sheffield; I was sort of right. Last week, I said that Sheffield would be the one eliminated based on the Pro’s Poll. Excluding Tarver and Bryan, Sheffield did get eliminated by such means (pats myself on back). Sheffield said it best when he mentioned to Striker that he was “misguided.” I could not think of a better word myself. He showed some promise, but ultimately ended up looking like a poor man’s Stone Cold (bald head, black vest, Southern drawl, Stunner-like finisher). I am not sure where I see Sheffield in the coming weeks and months, but I think he will get another chance.

With those three eliminations, that leaves five Rookies left on NXT (in Pro’s Poll order): Wade Barrett, David Otunga, Justin Gabriel, Heath Slater, and Darren Young. If it came down to these five for the contract, I think it would be either Barrett or Gabriel. But I cannot think of any championship match including any of these Rookies on a pay-per-view that would make me care enough to buy it. All we know is that there will be another elimination next week. Tune in next Tuesday to find out what happens NXT on NXT.


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