WWE Friday Night Smackdown Report: May 7, 2010

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Flat out, this was a superb episode of Friday Night Smackdown. We had plenty of hype for the upcoming World Heavyweight Championship, the stripping and “firing” of a current champion, some fantastic promos, two great mid-card matches that received enough time to shine, and even a quality Divas contest. Sometimes, Smackdown trumps Raw in all aspects. This was one of those times. Let’s take a closer look.

Matt Hardy/Drew McIntyre promo

The show kicks off with Matt Hardy coming to the ring to address the multiple attacks from Drew McIntyre. He plays the “Matt Hardy will not die” card before Drew interrupts. For a second, I did think Hardy was going to “announce his retirement” but I am glad that didn’t happen. Hardy calls Drew into the ring and the two brawl. Eventually, Drew takes advantage and further pounds Hardy’s head. Hardy, once again, does a great job of selling the injury. After a sustained attack, Theodore Long rushes out, suspending Drew, then stripping him of the Intercontinental Title, then ultimately firing him. This was a complete surprise; I thought that Kofi Kingston would be the man to finally take the title from Drew. But at the same time, as strong as Drew has looked since December, it kind of makes sense to strip him since no one could stop him. He still looks strong in defeat, or firing, if you will.

On his way out, he keeps mentioning how “Mr. McMahon will hear about this.” Will the Chairman make a return to Smackdown and make Long’s probation even more strict (Is that still even going on? I don’t know)? Could this even mean a move to Raw for Drew? That might be a long shot, but it is still a possibility; the brand extension doesn’t really mean much anymore anyways. Either way, it will be interesting to watch it unfold.

P.S. I didn’t know that the referees would have such balls. I know it is acting, but I was actually impressed by how stern this little guys were with a huge man that could easily beat the crap out of them. I did laugh a little bit. If it was a real-life situation and I was in their shoes, I would have kept my mouth shut. Just a side note. Moving on.

Luke Gallows (with Serena and C.M. Punk) v. M.V.P.

This was a solid match, but nothing out of the ordinary. It really was meant to set up the promo that would follow (more on that below). Rey Mysterio enters through the crowd and attacks Punk from behind. This distraction leads to M.V.P. hitting the “Play of the Day,” a Paydirt-like finisher. What would Shelton Benjamin say about that? Oh right. Oops. M.V.P. is on a roll. Hopefully, the WWE will do it right and give him the push he deserves. After his several month-long losing streak and languishing on Raw, M.V.P. has earned his top billing.

C.M. Punk/Rey Mysterio promo

After the commercial break, Punk is calling Rey a coward and begging him to come out and face him. Rey appeases him and stands on the ramp. Another brilliant promo and back-and-forth from Punk and Rey. Rey asks where the masked man is, but Punk feigns ignorance. The whole “payback” angle was well done. These two work very well together and I hope this feud continues for a long time. The juxtaposition of Rey’s love of the fans and Punk’s disdain for their lack of morals blends perfectly.

Speaking of the fans, Rey tells Punk that his message to the WWE Universe is a good one, but the messenger isn’t. Rey suggests that if they work together, they can do a lot of good. Punk wants nothing to do with that. Before this, Rey challenges Punk to a match at Over The Limit, with the stipulation being a combination of the previous two matches: If Rey wins, Punk must shave his head, but if Punk wins, Rey must join the Straight Edge Society. Punk accepts. Rey even goes as far as saying that he would join the SES right then if Punk shaved his head, which sets up the importance of Punk’s hair when he vehemently rejects the proposal.

Rey then plants the seeds of doubt among the SES, claiming that Punk does not care for Luke Gallows or Serena and he is no different from them. It is way too soon to have the SES disband, but seeing some infighting would make for an interesting development. It seems that Punk has been involved in the best feuds over the past year. His work with Jeff Hardy last summer was fantastic and this program with Rey is getting really good. Stay tuned.

Kelly Kelly and Tiffany v. Michelle McCool and Layla El (with Vickie Guerrero)

Tiffany is Smackdown’s best kept Diva secret. Now that she has been able to perform in the ring, she has shown great agility and athleticism. I cannot see her winning a title, but she could give a heel Diva a great match. Anyways, this match was actually pretty good. The spot with Tiffany and Michelle involving the monkey flip was well done, and Michelle’s subsequent “My butt hurts” cracked me up. LayCool wins after a distraction and neckbreaker from Layla to Tiffany. By the way, Matt Striker freaked me out during the commentary. Just sayin’.

Theodore Long is in the back with Josh Mathews and declares the IC Title vacant while also making a four man tournament to determine the new champion. The two semifinal matches will take place tonight, with the championship on the line next week. The matches are Kofi Kingston v. Dolph Ziggler and Christian v. Cody Rhodes. I like this idea, but wish it would have been expanded. Make it eight guys and have it go over three weeks to build suspense.

Kofi Kingston v. Dolph Ziggler – WWE Intercontinental Title Tournament Semifinal Match

A great bout between two up-and-coming wrestlers. I am so glad Kofi is on Smackdown; he has looked really good over the past two weeks and tonight was no exception. There was some cool spots in the match (Kofi’s S.O.S. was a personal favorite). A good balance of near-falls and spots. I did like how ZIggler used the X-Factor on Kofi. The ending was very fluid with Ziggler countering Kofi’s crossbody, putting on the sleeper, then finally succumbing to a hot shot off the ropes/Trouble In Paradise. Kofi moves on to next week, where his opponent will be determined next.

Cody Rhodes v. Christian – WWE Intercontinental Title Tournament Semifinal Match

I don’t want to sound like Striker, but Rhodes is shining through more than any mid-card wrestler right now in the WWE. Legacy’s split has turned out a lot like MizMo’s split. When the latter split, everyone seemed to think Morrison would be the breakout star while the Miz would fade away. How wrong they were. When Legacy split, it was the same feeling, except with Ted DiBiase as Morrison and Rhodes as Miz. Wrong again. Rhodes and Christian put on one hell of a match, complete with amazing spots (Rhodes’s moonsault and superplex, for example) and near-falls. It really looked like Cody would win (and I had hoped he would have), but Christian picks up the victory with the Killswitch in a show-stealer. I don’t like the idea of two babyfaces fighting for the title, but that’s not my decision. I hope Kofi wins; Christian should be next in line for a WHC match, so I want him to be free.

Interspersed in all of this were vignettes of the Big Show and Jack Swagger. A good way to hype Swagger’s match with Kane tonight and the WHC match at Over The Limit.

Jack Swagger v. Kane

Swagger comes out and brags some more. I love how they went to commercial and he was still talking when they came back. P.S. I was in the National Honor Society in high school; it’s not that hard. Anyways, Kane interrupts and the match starts, but not before Big Show makes his way out to commentary. Show is an eloquent speaker and put over Swagger and his title match very well. The match ends in a DQ when Swagger does not listen to the referee’s instructions, which was weak. The show closes with Show putting Swagger through a table. Show has the upper hand for the past two weeks. That means two things: 1. Swagger will get his revenge next week and 2. Swagger retains at Over The Limit.


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