WWE NXT Report: May 4, 2010

Posted: May 5, 2010 in NXT, Show Report
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Courtesy of wwe.com

I really don’t have anything to say about this week’s NXT. Next week, things should start to get interesting with eliminations beginning. In the mean time, we had another pointless competition and some subpar matches. Michael Cole also returned to his Daniel Bryan-hating ways after being more compassionate on Raw. Let’s take a quick peek at NXT.

Obstacle Course Challenges

I am tired of these lame competitions. The silver lining is that these contests might be the only “reality” aspect of the show. Anyways, I am sure that chugging soda, talking about rainbows, and selling programs are not tools normally used to train aspiring wrestlers. Justin Gabriel wins the competition and receives immunity for next week, which does not surprise. Rookies like David Otunga, Wade Barrett, Heath Slater, and Bryan are safe on their own merits, while Michael Tarver, Skip Sheffield, and Darren Young have question marks. We shall see next week.

Michael Tarver (with Carlito) v. Daniel Bryan (with the Miz)

The Miz says that injuries are not an excuse to bow out of matches (Hmmm, sound familiar? Rewind to last night). I don’t like the way Tarver carries himself in the ring. Actually, I don’t like Tarver at all. But he wins. Bryan is 0-10, but don’t fret, because he will still win NXT.

David Otunga v. R-Truth

This match told a great story, one of the “I taught you everything you know, but not everything I know” variety. Otunga gets some shots in, but Truth ultimately controls the match and gets the victory.

Rookies promo

The last segment of the show might have been the most realistic segment that NXT has ever produced. It felt like the Rookies were speaking from the heart and tensions mounted. I loved the brawl at the end with Young and Barrett. Everyone seemed to think that Tarver would go home, and because of that, I have a feeling he might stick around a week longer than we think. If I had to make a prediction on who would be eliminated next week, I would say Skip Sheffield. Just a hunch.


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