WWE Monday Night Raw Report: May 3, 2010

Posted: May 4, 2010 in Raw, Show Report
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I was intrigued to see what would happen on last night’s Raw all day. After Edge’s actions last week (both on Raw and Smackdown), WWE.com announced early Monday that the return of the Cutting Edge would take place with Randy Orton as his special guest. This got me even more hyped up. And quite frankly, I just love Wayne Brady. But even after all of that, I feel that Raw was still good, but did not deliver as I expected it to. Some segments were great, others were pretty bad. More or less, an average edition of Monday Night Raw. Let’s take a look at the show.

Batista & Sheamus promo/Batista v. Daniel Bryan

Batista opens the show with another quality promo. This “spotlight” stuff is really the best work of his career. It’s too bad that he might be out the door sooner rather than later. He says that John Cena’s use of duct tape to defeat him at Extreme Rules was the most embarrassing moment of Cena’s life. Batista did make a good point, though. In a Last Man Standing match, you must incapacitate your opponent. What Cena did was clever, but the way it ended definitely left the door open (sorry for the second “door” analogy in the first paragraph) for the third, and hopefully final, encounter. Batista also mentions that there would be a Beat the Clock Challenge between Cena and himself to determine who would choose the stipulation for their WWE Title match at Over The Limit. His opponent is the Miz, which seems odd, and Batista calls him out.

Out comes Sheamus instead to say “fella” 50 times. Sheamus believes he is the rightful #1 Contender. I was expecting Wayne Brady to come out and make a match between the two of them later that would ended with a no contest and make the Over The Limit match a Triple Threat, but luckily for all of us, we were spared. Sheamus is getting better on the mic every week and I am starting to see him as a bona fide main eventer after being skeptical for quite a while. He leaves and we come back from commercial with Miz not dressed to compete and carrying an envelope. Miz talks Batista up and has a doctor’s note (complete with “DOCTOR’S NOTE” inscribed on it) which is hilarious. He has a replacement and it is his NXT Rookie, Daniel Bryan.

After less-talented Rookies like David Otunga and Heath Slater received time on Raw, it was about time that Bryan had the chance to showcase his wrestling prowess. It was obvious that Batista would win, but Bryan had the audience believing he could actually make him tap out. Bryan nows look even more credible and looked strong in defeat. The U.S. Title won’t be with the Miz for much longer. Batista wins in 5:06. Cena’s opponent will be Chris Jericho. Just when I thought that Cena would beat Batista’s time without issue, he might have some trouble. This entire segment lasted 30 minutes. That is way too much time.

Eve is doing a photo shoot in the back and we get our first look at Brady. Funny segment with Jillian Hall included. After everyone else leaves, Maryse attacks Eve and picks up the Diva’s Title. Raw needs more credible women heels. Other than Maryse, there is no one else. She can’t feud with all the faces!

Ted DiBiase v. John Morrison

I never thought I would say this six months ago, but Cody Rhodes might have a brighter future than DiBiase. This “fortunate son” bit isn’t believable on DiBiase. He mentions R-Truth’s refusal to become his personal associate last week and swears to find someone to slap some sense into him. Morrison makes his way to the ring and the match ends in a countout in about two minutes after DiBiase walks out. Morrison calls him back, promising that if he loses, he would become the Virgil to DiBiase’s, well, DiBiase. This gets DiBiase’s attention and the match resumes. It was not a bad match, but nothing out of the ordinary. Morrison wins with a unique roll-up, but DiBiase attacks him after the match. Truth runs in and makes the save in what would be a common theme throughout the show.

John Cena v. Wade Barrett

Like the Miz, Jericho comes out in a suit, but says he will not make an excuse like the Miz. According to Jericho, he has nothing to prove to Cena. I wonder who Jericho will feud with now that Cena is with Batista, Orton is with Edge, and Triple H is on the injured list. Jericho calls out his own NXT Rookie, Wade Barrett, and he takes his mentor’s place. As I said earlier, I am glad that the top two (and most likely to stay in the WWE) Rookies are finally getting a chance to shine on Raw and plug NXT at the same time. Barrett, like Bryan, does a great job making it seem like he might pull off the monumental upset, but ultimately succumbs to the experience and STFU. Cena does not want to waste time and plans to announce his stipulation, but right before he does, Sheamus runs in and attacks Cena (See, I told you. It gets better. Or worse.). What’s the stipulation? Stay tuned.

Maryse v. Nikki Bella

Squash. After the match, Maryse presents the pictures from the earlier photoshoot of her attacking Eve. Eve runs out and tries to exact revenge, but is held back by officials. This is a good Raw Diva feud, considering Smackdown usually does better in that department. Let’s hope it lasts for a little longer, just long enough to find another face.

Zack Ryder v. Mark Henry

Ryder is in the ring and Alicia Fox and Gail KIm are at ringside. Ryder says he is single, so I guess Rosa Mendes will be released soon. Oh well. He calls out Primo for a rematch of last week’s Superstars, but Wayne Brady enters instead. Brady says that if Ryder wants to impress, he would need a better opponent. Sorry, Primo. Mark Henry makes his way to the ring and beats Ryder pretty handily even after a few near-falls for Ryder. The ladies leave with Henry, who needs two women to cover his surface area. Gross.

Jericho and Miz are speaking in the back about the Big Show’s lack of respect for either of them. They talk about their mutual hatred for Show and how it was the two of them who carried him back to prominence. I thought that Jericho and Miz might form a tag team when Jericho arrived on Raw. I like where this is going.

After the break, Wayne Brady, Santino Marella, William Regal, and Vlad Kozlov are in Brady’s office. More comedy from Santino and more broken English from Kozlov. Regal and Kozlov are teaming tonight. Of all people. Santino makes use of my favorite wrestling aspect: continuity. Santino asks Kozlov why he would team with Regal after he turned on him on ECW. Regal says that they have worked things out. At least we have an idea of why they are teaming. If they just came out together and there was no explanation, that would make no sense. Thank you, Santino.

WWE Unified Tag Team Champions The Hart Dynasty (with Natalya) v. William Regal and Vlad Kozlov

Now we know why Regal and Kozlov teamed: to job. Miz and Jericho are at ringside and that is where the focus of this match lies. Speaking of continuity, didn’t Jericho insult the Miz just a little while ago when he decided not to wrestle? Oh well. The Dynasty wins with the Sharpshooter and once again, there is a run-in after the match. It looks like Jericho and Miz are going to be a team, which gives Jericho something to do. Plus, this can spill into NXT, where they both can try to hold down Bryan. P.S. it is a shame that Miz’s name isn’t also Chris, because their team name could be “ChrisCho.” Ha…..

Oh, and another thing about continuity. House show lineups have Jericho and Edge teaming against Orton and Cena. Weren’t Jericho and Edge JUST in a feud for the last three months? What? Ugh.

The Cutting Edge

Edge’s “Era of Controversy” plays well into his hatred for the PG rating. I think this is the first time that the rating has been tackled in a storyline. Edge says he was the white light on Smackdown and was going to overtake Jack Swagger for the WHC before his plans were foiled by being drafted. Edge is getting cheered an awful lot, more than I thought he would or should. He plays up more of the “Ultimate Opportunist” angle and introduces Orton. Wayne Brady comes out instead and is very entertaining. I wish they utilized him more. If the WWE wants Edge to be seen as a heel, his interaction with Brady is not the way to go. He cuts an entertaining, heel-like promo (minus the cheap pop) on the other guest hosts and is eventually interrupted by Orton. Orton RKO’s Brady (which looked pretty good), which works into his tweener-ish role. Edge tries to convince Orton to rejoin him as Rated RKO and it seems there is a bit of jealousy on Edge’s part; he doesn’t understand why Orton gets cheered for his actions while Edge panders more to the crowd and yet does not get the same respect or reaction. Orton does not say anything the entire time and ends the segment with an RKO on Edge after a failed Spear. Sometimes, things are better left unsaid. Orton will have to open up eventually, but for now, this was an effective segment and a good way to end the show.


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