WWE Superstars Report: April 29, 2010

Posted: May 2, 2010 in Show Report, Superstars
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Courtesy of wwe.com

Sometimes, WWE programming can be exhilarating. Other times, it is downright boring. This past Thursday’s Superstars was the latter. I saw two of the matches before Monday’s Draft Special and was jetlagged, so I thought watching them again on television might be a different experience. Yet, even when I was well-rested, it didn’t do much for me. Let’s take a quick look at WWE Superstars.

Gail Kim v. Jillian Hall

Gail wins because Jillian never does. Moving on.

Zack Ryder v. Primo

Same as above, but replace Ryder with Gail and Primo with Jillian. Good.

The Hart Dynasty v. The Dudebusters

This was the match I didn’t see and it wasn’t half bad. Croft and Baretta got in quite a bit of offense, which I didn’t expect, and looked good in the process. Obviously, they weren’t going over on the new champions, but looking credible in defeat is not a bad thing. The Baretta/Kidd rope reversal sequence and Baretta’s apron DDT on Kidd were cool spots. The Dynasty wins with the Hart Attack, but other than the Dudebusters, there are not many tag teams right now to challenge for the titles. The former champs, ShoMiz, no longer exist, so they cannot and will not get a rematch. I did read on Madison Square Garden’s website, however, that the Dynasty would be defending the Unified Titles against Carlito & Primo at June’s Supershow. Is Primo turning heel or Carlito face? Stay tuned. Regardless, the WWE is once again lacking in tag teams. Let’s change that, please?


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