WWE Friday Night Smackdown Report: April 30, 2010

Posted: May 2, 2010 in Show Report, Smackdown
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Courtesy of wwe.com

Friday’s Smackdown did a nice job of establishing the newest “acquisitions” from the WWE Draft. The incoming Superstars went over the outgoing ones, while a new #1 Contender for the World Heavyweight Title was formally announced. A pretty solid episode for the Blue Brand. I will break down each segment and take a look at what lies within. Let’s do it to it.

Chris Jericho v. Kofi Kingston

Theodore Long starts the show and is very excited about the new Smackdown Superstars. I’m glad he’s happy, but he lost two Superstars with a combined 15 title reigns for three with a combined five (sorry, Christian, I am not counting NWA/TNA). Speaking of which, Jericho heads down to the ring after an enthusiastic welcome for Kofi Kingston. Jericho cuts a Jericho-esque promo and Kofi interrupts with a bland one. Kofi is not known for his mic skills, so I won’t be too harsh, but I could have done without the “Boom Boom Boom” thing. The match is a solid 10 minute showcase that made sure to highlight Kofi for those not familiar with him. Jericho mocking Kofi and asking “Where’s the boom?” was hilarious, while the sequence where Jericho missed the enziguri and then blocked Trouble in Paradise (and so on) was well done. Kofi wins with the aforementioned move and goes over Jericho (which has happened a few times in the past). This makes him look credible for the fresh audience. I am glad Kofi is on Smackdown because A) he was floating on Raw since his feud with Orton ended and B) I think Smackdown found the guy who will finally wrestle the IC Title off of Drew McIntyre. Stay tuned.

Jack Swagger vignettes

These I could do without, but it actually kind of fits Swagger. By the way, he did not win the 2002 Rose Bowl, because Oklahoma was not in the 2002 Rose Bowl. It was Miami versus Nebraska. Way to go, Swagger. Way to go.

Chavo Guerrero/Kane promo

Chavo comes out to celebrate his return to Smackdown and the end of his jobbing to leprechauns and guest hosts. Then Kane interrupts and chokeslams him. I smell Wrestlemania 24 feud rehash. Awesome. Oh well. It gives them both something to do.

Cody Rhodes v. John Morrison

I am extremely impressed with Cody Rhodes. This was the WWE’s first real look at a seasoned Rhodes in singles competition and he looks like a stud for sure. His motions and moves in the ring were so fluid and calculating. His kick off of the steps before the first commercial as well as his moonsault were pretty damn impressive and I loved how after he hit the moonsault, he continued to punch Morrison. I also liked the Alabama Slam (an “homage” to his former tag partner who he turned on years ago, Hardcore Holly). Rhodes wins with the Cross Rhodes. Enough kissing up to him. One thing that needs to change is his music and his LED background. The Legacy, it’s safe to say, is probably over. Regardless, Rhodes is one to watch. He will be a great mid-card heel for Smackdown.

Edge/Christian promo

Edge cuts a promo thanking the fans for their support and lamenting his move to Raw. It was really cheesy, especially for Edge, which made it seem right away, but ever so slightly, that something was up. Christian makes his entrance and E&C in the ring (or even the thought of them in the ring) makes wrestling fans mark out everywhere. Christian calls Edge out on his lying and Edge finally admits that he used the fans to orchestrate his comeback. I don’t think the audience really got the thinly-veiled heel turn, so having Christian call him out and beat him up was a way to establish Edge as a heel once again. The upcoming knockout blow from the Big Show after the break also attempted to emphasize the turn. We need a good promo on Monday from Edge to fully solidify the heel turn. Christian will be in the main event soon enough and this starts to get the crowd on his side. Also, Christian said he had known Edge since the 6th grade. Aren’t they brothers? Continuity, please? First, Swagger, then this. Oy.

Michelle McCool and Layla El v. WWE Women’s Champion Beth Phoenix and Kelly Kelly

Another chance to showcase new talent, this time Kelly Kelly. Beth does all the work, but tags in Kelly to hit her finisher and make the cover. Typical Divas tag match, but gets Kelly over with the crowd so mission accomplished.

Chris Masters. Ugh.

Dolph Ziggler promo

After taking Chavo’s spot in losing to Hornswoggle, Dolph cuts a promo and says he did everyone a huge favor by sending Hornswoggle to “leprechaun heaven.” This was the “proudest moment of his career.” That’s a pretty awful career. Just sayin’.

Footage from McIntyre’s attack on Matt Hardy last week is shown. Hardy is in the back with Josh Mathews before getting attacked by McIntyre with another Future Shock DDT on the concrete. Great selling by Matt. There needs to be a match at Over The Limit. I can’t see Hardy as IC Champ, but he needs to go over eventually.

Oh, and Shad/JTG cut promos. Both weren’t good. JTG says he wants gold. Another challenger for Drew?

C.M. Punk/M.V.P. promo & Punk and Gallows v. M.V.P. and Rey Mysterio

Punk comes out with the SES and cuts a great promo about winning at Extreme Rules before being interrupted by M.V.P. This is the second straight year after being drafted that M.V.P. interrupts a promo of the top stable on the brand (Legacy). Hopefully, this time, his push is much more sustained. He goes after Punk and Rey comes to help out. There’s nothing special about the match. We get the stupid “619 to 305” thing to end the match. The masked man (AKA Joey Mercury) attacks Rey after. The feud continues.

Jack Swagger/Big Show promo

Swagger is in the ring talking about himself. It is boring, but like I have said, it works for him. Big Show is formally announced as the new #1 Contender and knocks out his third man of the night (Jericho, Edge). Show is a better face so I am glad he has returned to his roots so to speak. He will not win the WHC, but gives us a transition into a feud with hopefully Christian.


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