WWE NXT Report: April 27, 2010

Posted: April 28, 2010 in NXT, Show Report
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Courtesy of wwe.com

Another week, another NXT. Another lame contest, another waste of upstart talent. I don’t really have much to say about last night’s show. Let’s get it done.

“Seal The Deal” Challenge

This week’s challenge tested the Rookies’ likability. Each Rookie had one minute to sell as many programs as possible. The winner would be the Rookie who made the most money and main event next week’s show against a Pro of his choosing. It was pretty damn boring, but each Rookie sold the programs in their own respective ways and stayed to character.  Barrett kept the money for himself, Bryan and Tarver didn’t participate in their own ways, and Otunga made two kids do it for him. Otunga won and picked a match against his Pro, R-Truth. Bryan/Miz is still not ready and other than Otunga/Truth, there wasn’t really much else. It should be a decent match.

Christian and Heath Slater v. Chris Jericho and Wade Barrett

Same match we’ve been seeing. Please do something else! Bad guys win.

Darren Young (with Serena and Luke Gallows) v. Michael Tarver (with Carlito)

Young’s storyline with the SES is one to watch. This time, Gallows helps instead. With the masked man in with the SES, adding Young would make for a solid five-piece stable. If only Serena would wrestle. Damn, she’s fine.

Daniel Bryan v. Skip Sheffield (with William Regal)

The Miz, selling the effects of last night’s punch from the Big Show, puts Bryan in instead and walks off. Sheffield hits the Over the Shoulder Boulder Holder and it’s over. Bryan loses again, but it doesn’t matter because he will win the competition and become the U.S. Champion.

With only one week left before the first elimination, hopefully next week will be the last boring episode of NXT.


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