WWE Draft: The Afterthoughts

Posted: April 27, 2010 in Analysis, Raw, Smackdown
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With last night’s televised Draft and today’s online Supplemental Draft officially complete, it is time to look more closely at the moves made to each respective brand. While this draft didn’t have any “blockbuster” moves, some were definitely surprising and interesting. I will break down both Raw and Smackdown as a whole and by each Superstar.

Raw definitely got the better end of the deal, which seems to always happen, considering Raw is the “flagship” show and Smackdown’s currently going through a network switch. The addition of John Morrison, Edge, and Chris Jericho will definitely add to the main event scene, while new tag champions the Hart Dynasty might help to reinvigorate the tag team scene. Overall, an intriguing draft for Raw.

John Morrison – My theory of Morrison being next in line for Swagger’s title is officially ruined. He gets more exposure now, but he is much further down the face totem pole, behind Cena, Orton, and Triple H. Morrison is over with the crowd and that should continue, but he will have to work harder to get to the top. Morrison might get a crack at the Miz’s U.S. Title, but with Cena as champion for now, his main-event status is much lower than it was before.

R-Truth – This isn’t a “life-changing” move for Truth. He will remain in the mid-card and do what he did on Smackdown. Having Morrison move with him allows them to keep their team together and challenge for the titles down the road. A feud with DiBiase seems likely after last night, which would be entertaining. Hopefully, it won’t be like his last time on Raw. You know, when he exploded.

Edge – Edge moving to Raw was the biggest shocker of the night. After a hot angle with Jericho, Edge gets a fresh start. He interfered in the #1 Contender’s Match by spearing Randy Orton and costing him the match. Since he didn’t go for Batista or Sheamus, I assume he will fully transitioning back into a heel. He got a babyface reaction upon his return, but he always was more of a tweener. An Edge/Orton feud would be fun and refreshing, since it hasn’t been done since Edge returned from injury about five or six years ago. As long as we don’t get Edge/Cena right away, this is a great move for Raw.

Chris Jericho – Just when I thought Edge/Jericho would be over, Jericho moves to Raw. After fighting to stay on Raw after losing the tag titles, he is back on Raw and it’s about time. There really is nothing left on Smackdown for Jericho. He could continue his feud with Edge, either directly or indirectly through the WWE Championship picture. He can also team with the Miz (on their mutual hatred for the Big Show) and challenge for the tag titles. There will plenty for Jericho to do and I look forward to seeing what transpires.

The Great Khali & Ranjin Singh – I thought he was on sabbatical. Maybe he will be released before he comes back. i don’t know or care.

Natalya – This move was interesting considering the Dynasty’s win last night. Natalya is an amazing wrestler and will inject some life into a dormant Raw Divas scene.

Ezekiel Jackson – Currently suffering from injury, the last ever ECW Champion seemed like he would be getting a big push on Smackdown. Jackson is a perfect fit for the mid-card and could possibly even move to the main-event scene in the future and challenge for a title. It will be interesting to see how he functions without William Regal in his ear.

Goldust – Goldust is one of the WWE’s best enhancement talents and will continue to flourish at the role on Raw. He won’t be getting any big wins anytime soon, but that is not why he is there.

The Hart Dynasty – After Natalya’s move, this was natural. The Hart Dynasty finally got the push it deserved, especially with Bret around. Since they are the champions, the Dynasty can move between shows, but having them on Raw will give them more exposure and more possible opponents.

Smackdown lost too much and didn’t gain a lot back in return. Yet, the Blue Brand got three possible challengers to the WHC and some mid-card talent to help enhance the brand. Not a bad showing for Smackdown, but as always. never as good as Raw.

Kelly Kelly – The only Diva making a move on-air last night, Kelly Kelly will get a look on Smackdown. I don’t see much from her, but she is improving and will be another “credible” Diva on Friday nights.

The Big Show – After punching out the Miz, Show moves to Smackdown, where it looks like he will have another face turn. He is much more believable as a face and could possibly be in the hunt for the WHC.

Kofi Kingston – A good move for Kingston, who has floated around since his program with Orton ended in December. He will fill Truth’s role on Smackdown and finally gives me a possible usurper to Drew McIntyre’s IC Title.

Christian – With Edge and Morrison moving to Raw, Christian has been elevated to main-event status. Another rivalry with Swagger would be fun, this time over the WHC Title. These two had chemistry on ECW, so we know it will work. Finally, Captain Charisma gets the push he deserves.

Chavo Guerrero- Not too much to say. Maybe he will get more respect?

Cody Rhodes – An interesting and predictable move post-Legacy. Rhodes would be the perfect mid-card heel along with Ziggler and McIntrye.

Chris Masters – Chest-bouncing on Fridays.

Hornswoggle – …..

Rosa Mendes – Rosa moves to Smackdown and probably won’t do anything. I am surprised not to see Zack Ryder move with her.

M.V.P. – No one will benefit from a move more than M.V.P. After being drafted to Raw last year, he received a big push before languishing in a tag team with Mark Henry. Going back to Smackdown will work wonders for M.V.P., who made his name there. Like Christian, he has automatically been elevated to main-event status. We know he can work with Swagger after their mini-feud last year. Great move.


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