WWE Friday Night Smackdown Report: April 23, 2010

Posted: April 24, 2010 in Show Report, Smackdown
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In the shadow of Extreme Rules, last night’s Friday Night Smackdown did  a much better job selling the pay-per-view than Raw did (though, as we all know, Raw had some issues beyond its control). Regardless, every match tonight had a purpose. There was no filler match and all of them forwarded storylines for Extreme Rules and possibly beyond. Here are my thoughts on the show broken down by each segment.

Jack Swagger promo/Swagger v. John Morrison

The show opens with the World Heavyweight Champion in the ring. He cuts yet another promo about how dominate he has been and will continue to be. He mentions his “dominance” of the Undertaker and shows a video package highlighting his match with the Deadman last Monday on Raw. What the package did not tell you is that Swagger lost cleanly. And that’s why I liked it. Swagger has really come into his own and is continuing to impress me every week. I guess the “State of the Title” addresses no longer exist?

He moves onto his match this Sunday with Randy Orton. I think this might have been Swagger’s best promo ever. The line about how “venom could kill a normal man, but I am not a normal man” was perfect and he capped it all off but telling the WWE Universe that he was not going to play with the Viper, but “rip its head off.” Very effective. The only problem, however, is if Orton-Swagger will continue after Extreme Rules if Swagger retains.

I feel my question was answered rather quickly after Swagger’s match with John Morrison. I’ve noticed how Swagger has begun to emphasize his amateur background more by using more freestyle wrestling holds and slams. He mentioned before that he should be the odds-on favorite because of his skill and he is showing that. This was a great opening match with plenty of near falls. In an “upset,” Morrison picks up the victory after Starship Pain set up by a Pele Kick. Losing to the Undertaker clean on Raw? Understandable. Losing cleanly to Morrison the show before Extreme Rules? Not really. I don’t know what they’re doing, but what I do know is that John Morrison might be next in line for a title shot. That’s the “something” I wanted him to do in my Superstars report on Friday.

Straight Edge Society/Theodore Long promo

Punk and Jericho are the best promo men in the business and part of the reason for that is their versatility. Punk cuts a funny promo about his hair in Long’s office, which leads to the making of the main event: C.M. Punk and Luke Gallows versus Rey Mysterio and Kane?. Remember when Kane and Mysterio had a long rivarly not too long ago? What gives? But hey, if Kane can be friends with Triple H, he can be friends with Rey. What a crazy world we live in.

R-Truth and Matt Hardy v. Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre

A solid mid-card tag team match. The story of the match was the absolutely brutal attack on Matt Hardy by McIntyre on the steel ring steps. Even for a choreographed maneuver, it looked “disgusting” as Matt Striker put it and that means it was done right. This Hardy equilibrium thing is going much further than I thought it would. Mcintyre tells Hardy that “he never wants to see his face ever again.” There will be an IC Title match, I’m sure. One thing is for sure: I am warming up to McIntyre. He could be a huge superstar one day.

Chris Jericho/Wade Barrett/Edge promo

From top to bottom, this was a brilliant promo by all men involved. The cage is lowered and Jericho talks about how he will send back Edge to the hospital forever. When he was reciting what he would do to Edge using the cage, it sounded like a creepy Dr. Seuss book (not as creepy as Punk’s rendition of “Happy Birthday”). Edge interrupts and cuts his best promo since his return. He makes a great point to contradict Jericho’s constant claims about Edge’s faulty DNA and then becomes Crazy Edge, which defeats the purpose because Crazy Edge makes me laugh and not scared. Edge goes for the Spear but Jericho climbs out of the cage (which if this happens Sunday, technically Jericho will win). Jericho locks the door and leaves Barrett inside. I loved how Barrett was begging Jericho to open the door and Jericho’s line to Barrett about “he’s standing right behind you.” Cowardly Jericho is just as fantastic as highfalutin Jericho. Barrett takes the Spear and we get Crazy Edge eyes. What a great way to sell Extreme Rules.

JTG v. Mike Knox

FUTURE ENDEAVOR ALERT! Mike Knox’s last match in the WWE is against JTG, who is preparing for his Strap Match on Sunday against Shad Gaspard (sitting on commentary). It was good for JTG to face someone similar in stature as Shad and was victorious after a Drive By. Shad enters the ring and beats JTG with the strap. This could be a fun match.

Beth Phoenix and Mickie James v. Michelle McCool and Layla El

FUTURE ENDEAVOR ALERT! Mickie James also had her last match in the WWE Friday in a losing effort to Team LayCool. Not much to say. Sunday’s match is an “Extreme Makeover” contest and I do not what that means, but McCool smearing makeup all over Phoenix might have demonstrated as such.

C.M. Punk and Luke Gallows v. Rey Mysterio and Kane

I wonder what Rey and Kane were talking about before the match. Anyways, I laughed when Gallows was in the ring with Kane, since Gallows played Imposter Kane before becoming Festus. There’s a barber’s chair at ringside, which Punk says will be used to induct someone into the SES later, but there’s not enough time. Punk gets the win via roll-up in a short tag match and picks up a much-needed win. Once again, Rey teases shaving Punk’s head, which means that he won’t get it shaved on Sunday. They wouldn’t try it so much if it were to happen.

Check in later for Extreme Rules predictions!


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