WWE Extreme Rules: The Predictions

Posted: April 24, 2010 in Analysis, PPV
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I should be writing this in June, but since Extreme Rules has replaced Backlash, what I feel was the most important non-“Big Four” (well, technically “Big Three” since Survivor Series has been axed) pay-per-view on the WWE schedule, I am bringing you my Extreme Rules predictions in late April! The WWE has given us quite the card. It is Grudge Match City. Population: the WWE Universe. Live from Baltimore, it’s Sunday night!

P.S. “Time to Shine” by Saliva is the official theme song of Extreme Rules. This band needs to put out a “WWE Greatest Theme Song Hits” album or something considering it has at least two songs involved in WWE every year. But I digress.

Michelle McCool v. Beth Phoenix – Extreme Makeover Match for the WWE Women’s Championship

I’m not sure what to make of this match. It was bound to happen. Phoenix has transitioned into a fan favorite quite well and she still is, in my opinion, the most impressive woman in the WWE. It would be easy to say that McCool will walk out the winner here. Her buildup with Mickie James took months before James finally went over and won the title, only to lose it right back to McCool. There is an interesting dynamic going on here with McCool, Layla El, and Vickie Guerrero and their momentum is riding high. But I feel it would be interesting to see how LayCool chases the title for more than a week. I will go out on a limb and say the Glamazon takes the victory and wins the title.

Winner: Beth Phoenix

Shad Gaspard v. JTG – Strap Match

There was a lot of shock when Shad turned on JTG and ended Cryme Tyme. Sadly, there was not much more of a reaction. If Cryme Tyme had been more of a successful tag team, perhaps the breakup would be more poignant. Shad beat Goldust this past week on Superstars in his first televised match since his heel turn and put in a good effort. The WWE does not need to build up JTG right now; he is already an established superstar of sorts and we know what he is capable of. Shad Gaspard, however, does need to be built as a credible heel and superstar for the future. For that reason, Shad wins.

Winner: Shad Gaspard

C.M. Punk v. Rey Mysterio (if Punk loses, he must shave his head).

Can you remember the last time C.M. Punk won at a pay-per-view? In case you forgot, he has not won on pay-per-view since Breaking Point. That was in September. And he won thanks to a “screwjob” of his own in Montreal. So, in reality, C.M. Punk has not won a match at a PPV clean since his TLC victory over Jeff Hardy at Summerslam EIGHT months ago. For a guy with such a growing profile, Punk cannot continue to lose like that. Rey has had the upper hand in most of the feud in terms of winning, while Punk’s promos have trumped Rey’s handily. After winning at Wrestlemania and not having to join the Straight Edge Society, this time around, Rey has nothing on the line. If he wins, he gets to shave Punk’s head. If he loses, so what? I see this feud continuing long past Extreme Rules and possibly into Summerslam. For that to happen, Punk needs to go over. Plus, can you imagine Punk with his head shaved? Weird. And with his hair getting a small trim this past week on Raw, I cannot see it getting completely shaved off. Maybe this stipulation will arise again at a later time with Punk losing and possibly marking the end of the SES, but for now, Punk wins.

Winner: C.M. Punk

Edge v Chris Jericho – Steel Cage Match

I think this match was quite downplayed by being announced over WWE.com, but the match should be another great one between two exceptional competitors. I have no idea how long this feud will last. It really began last July with Edge’s interview after rupturing his Achilles tendon, but picked up at the Royal Rumble. I was shocked (as I think most people were) when Jericho went over at Wrestlemania. Like the Punk/Rey feud, I see this going much further than Extreme Rules and Edge needs some sort of victory to gain momentum and allow the story to unfold. Either way, I am just glad we didn’t get the Triple Threat at the PPV.

Winner: Edge

Sheamus v. Triple H – Street Fight

I apologize now if all of my match predictions begin to run together. Including the aforementioned matches, this is yet another grudge match with an almost predictable outcome. Sheamus got a major rub by becoming the WWE Champion at TLC in December. When I watched as John Cena fell through a table at TLC, my mouth was agape. I cannot remember having that feeling since I was a child. He gets the “win” over Cena and a DQ win over Randy Orton at Royal Rumble, but to this day, still has no clean victory over a major competitor. He did not factor into the decision when he lost the title at Elimination Chamber when Triple H Pedigreed him to eliminate him from the match. I thought Sheamus would win at Wrestlemania, but of course, Triple H gets the victory. Just like it was important for Sheamus to hold onto the WWE Championship for a few months to gain credibility, he also needs a signature, clean victory to solidify himself as a main eventer. That win will come tonight when he finally gets one over on the Game.

Winner: Sheamus

John Cena v. Batista – Last Man Standing for the WWE Championship

For the second straight April, John Cena will be defending his title in a Last Man Standing match. Last year, he lost to Edge thanks to a chokeslam through a searchlight by the Big Show. This year, I cannot see any major interference. When Cena first won the title back at Wrestlemania 21, his reigns were very long. His first lasted 280 days, his second 133, his third 380. Since then, it’s been 21, 49, 0, and now about 28. Cena must be seen as a credible champion once again. Batista is a great pursuer of the championship, but I think Cena will dispatch of Batista and find himself a new challenger. But whom? Only time will tell. In the mean time, the Champ is still here.

Winner: John Cena

Randy Orton v. Jack Swagger – Extreme Rules Match for the World Heavyweight Championship

Remember when Swagger moved from ECW to Raw last summer and got himself intentionally counted out against Orton because he wanted to make a good first impression? Well, no better way to make good on this impression by beating Orton at Extreme Rules, which he will. I am glad Orton got the title match because it made sense. If you beat the Champ twice in a row, you deserve a title match. Here we go again: Swagger needs to retain in order to gain credibility. It will not end cleanly. I could see a returning Cody Rhodes interfering and costing Orton the title. If this wasn’t under Extreme Rules, I’d say Swagger wins by DQ. But it isn’t so I can’t. Swagger retains.

Winner: Jack Swagger


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