WWE Superstars Report: April 22, 2010

Posted: April 23, 2010 in Show Report, Superstars
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Courtesy of wwe.com

Last night’s Superstars had some high-quality matches. We had the television debut of Shad Gaspard’s heel persona, a “grudge” match between Yoshi Tatsu and Zack Ryder, and once again, Carlito. Let’s take a look at Superstars, shall we? Here are my thoughts broken down by each segment.

Shad Gaspard v. Goldust

This was our first look at Shad in the ring since he turned heel. I noticed that his “new” ring attire is the same attire he wore in early promo pictures for Cryme Tyme. Anyways, Goldust is a great enhancement talent and he did his job very well during his match with Shad. Shad looked solid in the ring and I like his constant chirping; it definitely brings the character along. Shad wins with the big STO and is rolling into Extreme Rules for his Strap Match with JTG.

Yoshi Tatsu v. Zack Ryder (with Rosa Mendes)

Tatsu and Ryder are two great, young talents that deserve more credit for their work in the ring. Since ECW ended, neither of them have really found a way onto Raw. I hope they can; both could definitely carry a mid-card feud. Not much to say. I found it amusing that near the end, Ryder and Tatsu ended up against every corner of the ring. Anyways, Tatsu wins. Good match.

John Morrison v. Carlito (with Michael Tarver)

“Mr. Thursday Night,” Carlito, heads to the ring for his fourth consecutive match on WWE Superstars. He cuts a promo before his match saying that he deserves to be on Raw every week. Carlito should just be happy he wasn’t released yesterday (too soon?). John Morrison interrupts and our main event is underway. This match was a spotfest, but the spots were very exciting, especially (and surprisingly) on Carlito’s end. His springboard rolling senton, the reversal into the swinging neckbreaker, and the high-impact spinebuster all looked great. His reversal of Morrison’s springboard that knocked him onto the mat looked brutal. Regardless, Michael Tarver interferes and screws up once again, costing Carlito yet another match on Superstars after taking the Flying Chuck. Morrison needs something to do. For someone who was spoken in the same breath as “future World Heavyweight Champion” not too long ago, perhaps Morrison could be a challenger to Swagger after Orton has his turn.

Remember, Smackdown Saturday, Extreme Rules Sunday, and as planned, Raw Tuesday for a live report from the Draft.


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