WWE Monday Night Raw Report: April 19, 2010

Posted: April 21, 2010 in Raw, Show Report
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Courtesy of wwe.com.

Last night’s “go-home” edition of Monday Night Raw was quite peculiar and rightfully so. With the Raw Superstars (and myself) stuck in Europe thanks to the Icelandic volcano, the WWE had to scramble to put on a show as quickly as possible. It was a promo-heavy, Smackdown-ridden show which did its best to push Extreme Rules. Saturday Night Live’s MacGruber was the guest host and provided some funny moments to an already interesting night. Here are my thoughts on the show broken down by each segment.

Triple H/Straight Edge Society promo

Triple H comes down to the ring and makes light of the situation in Europe, makes some jokes about some of the stranded wrestlers, and eventually mentioned his Street Fight with Sheamus. This week, Sheamus wasn’t on Raw. Last week, Triple H wasn’t. Sheamus did a good job setting up the match with his beatdown of Kofi Kingston, but Triple H’s promo missed the mark. Sheamus bailed him out later, though (more on that later). C.M. Punk and the Straight Edge Society interrupt and Punk gets some cheap heat putting down New Jersey. Punk also plugs next week’s WWE Draft, which was a nice touch. He tries unsuccessfully to convert Triple H to the SES and eventually beats him down. Rey makes the save, he and Triple H clear the ring, and trap Punk long enough for Rey to shave a bit of Punk’s hair off. A good segment overall to get over the Rey/Punk match. It ran a bit long, but I guess that’s understandable considering the circumstances. I feel like Punk losing part of his hair means that he won’t lose it at all on Sunday. (Shameless plug: check out my Extreme Rules predictions later this week!)

Drew McIntyre v. Matt Hardy

I believe my hypothesis from last week where I stated that Drew has only faced Hardy, Kane, and Morrison this year is becoming more valid per week. Hardy sells the equilibrium problems from his previous matches with Drew. The problem being, those matches happened on Smackdown. The uneducated masses and those watching live at the Izod Center without (thankfully) Michael Cole’s commentary to fill them in might not know of Hardy’s previous injuries. The ending of Drew pulling Hardy off the top rope and pinning him was a bit forced and rushed. I don’t know where the WWE is going with this. I think it might eventually lead into a Intercontinental Title match, one that Hardy has no chance to win.

John Cena promo

Not much to say. A normal Cena promo. Humble at first, then fiery. He plugs his match with Batista on Sunday. Good enough.

Vlad Kozlov/MacGruber promo

Kozlov is in the ring and says he has a prepared statement for the audience tonight. He orders Jerry Lawler into the ring and has him read it aloud. I am still confused about how he ended ECW as a face, disappears from television, and comes back as a heel. Anyways, the promo was way too long. I did like the comment about the Nets, though. Kozlov grabs the mic and demands competition. MacGruber comes out instead. I liked how Will Forter and Kristen Wiig stayed in character throughout the night for continuity purposes at least. Funny back and forth between the two. Like David Hasselhoff last week, Forte did not take himself too seriously, which is another good thing. Vickie St. Elmo reads an announcement from Mr. McMahon, ordering a six-man tag team match tonight between Triple H, Rey Mysterio, and Edge versus Luke Gallows, C.M. Punk, and Chris Jericho. MacGruber then introduces Kozlov to his opponent, R-Truth…then he blows up. Yes, I said blows up. If you watch the replay of the explosion carefully, you can see Truth dive into the apron to avoid the blast. Pointless segment, but it gives us another guest host v. mid-card superstar match for later in the evening.

Let’s just skip the MacGruber/Triple H/Kane segment. Funny how Triple H and Kane became such friends after the whole Katie Vick thing! Who would have thought that?

Randy Orton promo

Like Cena’s, Orton’s promo was very Orton. Cold and to the point. Good tease of the draft as well. Done.

Jack Swagger v. The Undertaker

Jack Swagger issues an open challenge to any superstar in the back. This was a good way to further his overconfidence after winning the title (the gold trim on his singlet was also a nice touch). As he leaves because no one answered, the gong hit and the arena went black. Out comes the Undertaker. This was a pay-per-view quality match, which the WWE needed to sell to get viewers to hang on. Swagger gets in plenty of offense and looks strong, but the Phenom ultimately takes the match with a brutal Tombstone Piledriver. It’s usually not the best move to have a champion lose cleanly right before a pay-per-view. but beating the Undertaker cleanly is still a reach for Swagger. It set the standard for Swagger to obtain, which is nice. He was defeated by the more experience former champion. Plus, it’s the Undertaker. When does he ever lose on television?

Chris Jericho/SES/MacGruber Promo

Another humorous segment between the SES and Jericho. Jericho tells Punk to do what he says because he has beaten every man on the other team. Punk with the towel wrapped around his head was hilarious. It’s good that heels don’t get along with other heels. They have a common goal to win, but other than that, they don’t really care for each other. Good for storyline purposes. Jericho runs into St. Elmo and MacGruber and they have a funny exchange as well. Almost like the Jericho of old. To be young again.

MacGruber v. Vlad Kozlov

Do I need to say much here? Kozlov gets some shots in and goes for his uranage/chokeslam when Ryan Phillippe shows his face for the first time and makes the match a handicap match. But who will MacGruber’s partner be? His brother, KhalGruber, that’s who! Wait a minute. KhalGruber looks like a 7 foot 3 inch, 420 lb Indian former world champion. Hmmmm. And he came out to the Great Khali’s music? I thought he was on sabbatical. Oh well, it must have been a technical error. KhalGruber chases Kozlov out for the countout victory. At least this is over.

Triple H, Rey Mysterio, and Edge v. C.M. Punk, Luke Gallows, and Chris Jericho

On his way to the ring, Triple H is interrupted by Sheamus appearing on the screen. He eventually beats up a production assistant. Very scary, indeed. Triple H’s facial expression was perfect, like “What the hell do I care? You’re there beating up a camera guy.” The match itself was good. I wonder if Edge forgot that both Triple H and Rey Mysterio ruined his wedding with Vickie Guerrero. If Kane and Triple H can be friends, so can Edge and Triple H. The bad guys work over Edge’s ankle and he sells it well. Match ends with a 619 and Pedigree on Punk for the victory. Since Friday, Punk has done the job for two six-man tag matches. But both times, it took two consecutive finishers to put him down (on Friday, it was a 619 and running powerslam). Punk looks strong in defeat.

Not a bad show for one put together so hastily. I’m not sure if I’m sold on Extreme Rules, though.

Check in Wednesday for my NXT report, Friday for Superstars, Saturday for my Smackdown report, Sunday for my Extreme Rules predictions, and hopefully, Tuesday for my live Raw report!


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