WWE Superstars Report: April 15, 2010

Posted: April 16, 2010 in Show Report, Superstars
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courtesy of wwe.com

WWE Superstars is usually used to showcase lesser-known or mid-card performers. This week’s show was no exception. The WWE Universe got two alright matches and a glimpse into a possible future feud. Let’s break down the matches.

Matt Hardy (with Justin Gabriel) v. Carlito (with Michael Tarver)

I covered this match as part of my live report from London earlier this week. After watching it on Youtube, I don’t really have to much to add. Hardy’s arm looked pretty banged up (according to Wrestleview’s Steve Gerweck, it is a deep bruise with no tear). Carlito works the arm for most of the match before Hardy wills himself to victory (with an accidental assist from Tarver) with a Twist Of Fate. It’s between Carlito and MVP for the title of “Mr. Thursday Night.” Too bad Smackdown moved to Fridays years ago.

Christian (with Heath Slater) v. Chavo Guerrero

Chavo has definitely been given the short end of the stick. He becomes ECW Champion two years ago, then loses it at Wrestlemania XXIV in eight seconds. Then, he gets a slight rub with the “La Familia” angle with Edge and VIckie. After that ends, he gets beaten up by Hornswoggle for about six months. Now, he rarely shows up except for the occasional Superstars. This is one of those times. A good back-and-forth match between Chavo and Christian. Not really much to say. Christian gets the victory and further proves (based on his crowd reactions and abilities) that he should be a world champion sooner rather than later.

Ted DiBiase, Jr. v. M.V.P.

For about six months, I kept on calling the DiBiase face turn. “He has a movie out. They can’t promote a movie with a heel in it,” I’d say. Nope. Elimination Chamber came and I thought if finally began when DiBiase hit Orton with the lead pipe and pinned his mentor. “It’s happening!” Nope. While the crowd decided to side with Orton, DiBiase (and to a lesser extent, Cody Rhodes) struggled to find a way, including a predictable loss at Wrestlemania XXVI. DiBiase has been given the Million Dollar Belt and calls himself the “Fortunate Son.” Maybe his brother, Brett, and Joe Henning will bring their “Fortunate Sons” tag team to WWE and turn heel. But I digress.

MVP interrupts Ted’s promo about being a spoiled brat and counters with the “I worked hard for everything and paid my debt to society” angle. The match begins and ends with DiBiase countering into Dream Street for the victory. It’s funny how MVP’s face persona is the “working hard” guy, while his heel persona was the “King of Bling Bling” and signing the “largest contract in Smackdown history.” We could see a potential feud on the horizon here. How’s this for a stretch? Perhaps MVP can become the Virgil to DiBiase’s, well, DiBiase. Either way, MAYBE MVP will finally get the rub we expected when he first arrived on RAW.

No Smackdown report Saturday because of my live report from earlier this week. If I can make it home because of this damned Icelandic volcano, I will be at the WWE Draft Special April 26 in Richmond. Continue to check in at #1 Pretender.


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