WWE Monday Night Raw Report: April 12, 2010

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Last night’s Monday Night Raw did its best to set up more for Extreme Rules in less than two weeks. It accomplished that, giving the WWE Universe its World Heavyweight Title match as well as a Street Fight while also furthering the feud between John Cena and Dave Batista. Other than that, it was pretty much filler. We have a new Divas Champion as well. Here are my thoughts on the show broken down by each segment.

David Hasselhoff promo/Maryse v. Eve Torres for the WWE Divas Championship

The Hoff comes out to a pretty nice ovation (considering how DEAD the U.K. crowd seemed on television last night. I will get a better feel Tuesday night when I head to the O2 for Smackdown/NXT). He handles himself pretty well on the mic, which one would hope considering how experienced of an entertainer he is. He makes a match for Extreme Rules, announcing that Jack Swagger will defend his newly won World Title against the man who defeated him twice, Randy Orton. Good call considering Chris Jericho and Edge went to a no contest last Friday on Smackdown. Hoff’s logic was sound; if a man beats a champion twice, he deserves a chance to win the title. How profound! Instead of the predictable Triple Threat, we get an intriguing matchup. I am sure Jericho/Edge II will happen at Extreme Rules (but more on that tonight. Again, shameless plug). Hoff also announces a Babewatch Divas Triple Threat tag match for later. Out comes Eve Torres and its championship time.

The Divas match was alright. Eve has really stepped her game up and is showing incredible signs of improvement in the ring. Maryse plays the cocky heel so well, possibly better than some men doing the same thing. Her overconfidence and laughing after dodging an Eve moonsault leads to a blocked French Kiss DDT and an interesting bridge pinning combination for the win. Eve is the new Divas champion. Let’s see how long she holds onto it and who her challenger will be in the future.

ShoMiz/Bret Hart/Hart Dynasty Promo and The Miz v. David Hart Smith

The Miz and Big Show come to the ring and proclaim themselves the greatest tag team of all time. A little soon, perhaps? It works for the Miz because of who he is. Interesting to see the Big Show warm up to the Miz and not question his statements like he did a few weeks ago. I feel like the Miz’s bravado will catch up to him and we could see a Big Show/Miz program in the future. Out comes Hitman to laugh in the Miz’s face and plug his family tree of tag teams. The Hart Dynasty is out next and gets a leftover/lukewarm reception from the crowd (who is still dead. Check the pulses, please?) DH Smith gets on the mic and he struggles just a bit. Tyson Kidd is definitely the better of the two, both in the ring and on the mic. It is hard to remember a time before Wrestlemania when either of them really spoke and for good reason. Hopefully, that will get better with increased exposure. A match is made betweeen Smith and Miz, where if Smith wins, the Dynasty gets an Extreme Rules title match, but if the Miz wins, Bret must proclaim live next week on Raw that ShoMiz is the greatest tag team of all time.

Not a bad match between the two. I liked the Miz’s modified bulldog into the turnbuckle coupled with his trademark sitting jump into the ropes. I think the crowd is still getting used to the Dynasty as faces, which is why it’s good that Bret has become a valet of sorts so that the Universe can get the hint. Smith locks on the Sharpshooter, only for Show to get involved. Big Show takes out Kidd, then kidney punches Smith. Miz hits the Skull-Crushing Finale and its over. Bret is not going to do what is asked of him next week and I still see a Dynasty/ShoMiz match at Extreme Rules.

Otunga/Batista/Bellas/Hoff backstage promo

Good to see NXT rookies on the other shows (as I have said in the past). I wish it wasn’t Otunga, though. I know he has a famous wife and been on TV himself (I totally watched I Love New York. If you can Youtube clips of him on it, I would), but he is green in the ring and mediocre on the mic. Batista treats him like a “go-fer” which is a nice touch. Otunga runs into the Bellas and Hoff, who informs Otunga that Cena invited him tonight for some payback. Looks like we have John Cena v. David Otunga later.

Evan Bourne v. Carlito

A jobber-to-the-stars versus a jobber. What a match! I feel for Evan Bourne. He is over with the crowd and his Shooting Star Press is a thing of beauty. Yet, he has never had an extended push. Carlito plays his usual role of losing without much of a fight. NXT pros need to stop getting buried. Matt Hardy was on Smackdown last week. William Regal wasn’t even on TV (he wrestled the dark match) and while the Miz is doing alright, he and Daniel Bryan don’t have a relationship. All in all, I am glad Bourne got the win and maybe, just maybe, we can see him in a meaningful role. U.S. Title match, perhaps? It is Bryan’s to win, but we need someone to fill the gap until then.

John Cena v. David Otunga

I like smug John Cena. Against a rookie, there is no need to be humble John Cena. Cena works Otunga over while Batista watches from the ramp. Cena wins in quick fashion with the STFU (Yes, it will be called that here). Cena wants Batista, who does the usual “let me rip off my clothes, ruin another dress shirt, march down to the ring only to turn around” move. Too early for a confrontation. Good move here.

Sheamus promo/Sheamus v. Kofi Kingston

Sheamus cuts a promo about how and says that he still has the upper hand on Triple H. He then makes it clear that at Extreme Rules, it will be the Celtic Warrior v. The Game in a street fight. As he continues to put himself over and mock the U.K. crowd, Kofi interrupts looking for payback from last week’s beatdown. I wish he would not have done the Boom Boom Boom fireworks before speaking. That’s not serious.

Sheamus and Kofi  put on a decent match. The crowd finally woke up when Kofi hit Trouble in Paradise and popped huge for the near fall. Sheamus escapes and hits Kofi with the TV monitor for the DQ finish. Kofi is turning into Evan Bourne. After a promising program with Randy Orton, Kofi has fallen to the wayside. Now he gets used to make points. Just like Bourne does. And Bourne had his ass handed to him by Sheamus before as well. Notice the parallel? Anyways, no HHH to be seen, which is sort of surprising.

Carlito is looking for Hoff in the back when he runs in to Vlad Kozlov. Carlito threatens to quit if he is not drafted to Smackdown. Kozlov says he will destroy MacGruber next week if he does not get his way. Wasn’t Kozlov a face at the end of ECW? His last ECW appearance was clearing the ring and hugging Shelton Benjamin. What gives?

Randy Orton is with Josh Mathews (who has recovered nicely from Dolph Ziggler’s sleeper on Friday). Orton plugs Extreme Rules and says that what he does to Swagger will be just business, but tonight with Batista will be personal. No animosity between Swagger and Orton just yet, so the business angle works for now.

Divas Baywatch Triple Threat Tag

Not much to say. Santino does his thing, the ladies do theirs, and Hornswoggle makes the customary appearance. I think Santino would have been unconscious from swallowing the whistle long before ‘Swoggle Tadpole Splashed it out of his throat. Oh well.

Randy Orton v. Batista

Yet another strong match between these two bitter rivals. I like when announcers plug the history of two wrestlers and you can remember who was a face and who was a heel. When Orton was kicked out of Evolution, he was the face. When he cost Batista the title last summer, Dave was the face. It is quite confusing to remember it all. To the match itself, each men got in their respective, or “vintage,” spots. Orton with the backbreaker, elevated DDT, and twitching. Batista with the spinebuster, (almost) spear, and thumbs down. Orton goes for the punt, but Batista rolls out of the way. Match ends with a DQ when Swagger interferes and OKC Thunder Bombs Orton. Now it’s personal. Swagger leaves, Cena attacks him on the way in, and slaps on the STFU on Batista. Batista taps and eventually passes out. Cena counts to 10 and we go off the air.

It was good to see Cena get one on Batista. Swagger made it personal with Orton. Sheamus makes it more personal with Triple H short of kissing and taking out his wife. The Raw card is looking better while Smackdown got a rub of its own.

Check in tomorrow for my live Smackdown report!


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